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  1. Congrats Rolf! Being a parent is so much fun - the little ones constantly amaze you with everything they do - hope you and your wife enjoy every minute!
  2. Looks like a quick-release coupler for a hydraulic line to me.
  3. Well, I was thinking thicker and less flexible but that sounds interesting TM - when will we get a look?
  4. Hi All- I'm looking for recommendations for nice durable armour - I love my SDS but it is starting to crack in places and I can only imagine that the cracks will get worse with continued trooping. What (in your own opinion) is top notch armour from a durability standpoint? Thanks! chris
  5. Hi All- I had a look in the lab supply catalogue and the canister I used is discontinued - but there is a version available that has basically the same dimensions. It's called a 1 litre shoulderless LDPE container and is available from the Fisher lab supplies company. Stock # FB59641 You'll have to trim about 2 inches off but the bevelled ends of the 10mm PVC will hide the cut end. Thanks for all the comments! chris
  6. Thanks! It was just a straight-sided canister that I found in work - about 3.75 in diameter and about 8 inches tall with a screw top lid. We used to use them for soaking machine parts in alcohol to sterilise them. I'm sure I could find them in our lab supply catalogue - if I do I'll post a link here.
  7. It's only been primed at this stage but here is the filter I made recently. Finding a straight-walled plastic canister of the approximate diameter was the hardest part. The tubing is 10mm PVC pipe glued on and then I bevelled the ends with my dremel and a sanding drum.
  8. They may say that they are ready to wear straight out of the box, but if you're going sandy, the SDS will need quite a bit of work and will be pretty uncomfortable. I have this armour and it is nice but very expensive and took a lot of modding to get it to fit somewhat comfortably - if I could do it over I would go for a cheaper suit that I could assemble to fit me.
  9. I think those used to be made by Asahi - and are not made anymore. They go for so much money I'd be afraid to troop with it.
  10. You could skip the hot glue and use E6000 instead. Worked well on my lid.
  11. I was never able to sort out the feedback issues when using Stomper's mic tips. Even insulating the tips with blu-tack and shielding foil didn't help. If you figure out how to do it please post the solution. EDIT: Just wanted to say this has nothing to do with the quality of Stomper's mic tips (which is top-notch IMO). I just haven't figured out a way to keep the mic so close to the speakers without horrible feedback. If I hold the helmet about 3 feet away from the mic then the speakers sound spot-on!
  12. And the rest of us that don't (or can't) serve owe guys like you a huge thank you. It really takes balls to put your life on the line not only for yourself , but for millions of others too.
  13. So the jello cups are now unacceptable for mepd deployment?
  14. Sand_storm


    I must agree - a total slap-together job. It should have been much better built for the hideous price tag!
  15. Thanks Mike! Here's a link to the blue I'm using - what do you think? (The cap colour on this page is way off, but the little sample square looks pretty close to the dry colour.) http://www.godfrey-diy.co.uk/specialist ... 22940.html
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