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  1. I am still missing my digital card, I emailed my updated pic, still waiting patiently
  2. Welcome Anthony, and congratulations
  3. Who's doing the MEPD cards now?
  4. Hey brothers, anyone have a DLT-19 3d print file i could have?
  5. Who can i ask to get permission to use the MEPD shield logo to have someone make a led light up display?? I have someone who can do it just need permission to use the logo design.
  6. Yes the private MEPD page, who can add me to it please
  7. Not sure brothers if this is the right place, but i have requested access ti the private MEPD FB page with no answer, can someone add me
  8. Cool, and good luck, you will be one of us soon
  9. Looking good brother, nice and dirty, the only thing i see that needs to be fixed is where you ab plate meets the back plate on your sides, they need to be close with little gap, other than that you look awesome
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