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  1. Hey Berkal, unfortunately no Android version as of now, the audio latency is just too great, and I wouldn't be able to guarantee a great user experience. Sorry!
  2. What I did and has worked brilliantly thus far is to place a small amount of velcro on the top and outside of the butt plate, the other side was stitched to the inside of the belt, so the belt covers the joint, keeping the butt plate in and the velcro keeps it from slipping back up.
  3. It's a good question. Ian on FISD has done very extensive research and build log. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/39073-celebration-europe-2016-rogue-one-stormtrooper-back-pack-build/
  4. According to this snippet in the new book 'STAR WARS Rogue One: The Complete Visual Guide'-- "On Jehda, troopers wearing variant armor are known as sandtroopers. Filtration systems prevent dust contamination that would clog standard armor breathing ports over time. The cooling units employed on hot desert worlds are not needed on the cold moon." Thoughts? I personally think this is awesome, as I'm currently in the middle of building the patrol pack. Glad to know they lie with MEPD.
  5. Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you all on MEPD about an app that I recently launched called TrooperTalk. I'm really excited about its possibilities as a low cost, feature rich alternative to systems like the iComm or Rom/FX. There's a pretty robust thread going on over at white armor, where you can find a lot of great info and questions on the app and how it works. I've got a support page on my website also with some FAQ. I can't wait for you guys to check it out and I look forward to your feedback! TrooperTalk on the App Store White Armor development thread My support website
  6. The T-21 blaster is finished! Scratch built using CNC and other tools. MDF receiver and feed plate, ABS and PVC barrels, solid wood stock and grips, bondo, lots of paint and texture work and a bunch of doodads for accuracy. Thinking of doing a run of a few of these for others who may be interested in having a ready-to-troop T-21.
  7. Yeah, I've emailed Rob for a new ab plate, agreed that's the right way to go. Already have shoulder straps removed, they were installed with e6000 so not too tough to get off, same with sniper plate, got the new plate installed without issue. Drop boxes were removed from belt as well as the E-11 holster. Next I'm going to work on trimming the helmet brow a little, and then I just need the ab plate and pouches and I'll be good, armor wise! Also working on my T-21 build following along with your guide, Terry. Great work on that!
  8. After much searching and asking, it doesn't seem possible to keep my current RT-Mod ab armor piece, because the square panel with the buttons isn't the right panel for the TD, I thought I could just cut out the current panel and put in the right one but nobody seems to sell that piece on its own, they all say to get a new ab armor piece, but I'd really prefer not to go through all that work of strapping, rivets, fitting, etc. when it's just the **** square panel that I want. Am I crazy, or just missing something? Middle plate is the one I'm referring to:
  9. Hey guys! I'm a 501st member from SoCal, built my RT-Mod TK a few months back and have now decided to get sandy. Looking forward to it!
  10. Hey guys! I've been trooping in my RT-Mod TK armor for a few months now, and it's finally time to start on the conversion over to the 'STS' TD. I couldn't be more excited. The sandy's were always my favorite, so now it's time to bring that dream full circle. I have the pauldron and TD knee plate in hand, and I've started making the cosmetic changed to my bucket. Next I need to get the MP40 and spanish pouch. I could use some recommendations on where I may find the basic, button-free ab plate and beyond that, it's just a matter of making my T-21, which I plan to do partially on my CNC machine. I'll have a separate build thread for that, though. Elated to be here. More soon..
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