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  1. I am a collector of everything that has to do with sandtroopers, it is my madness, although I think I am in the right place and many of you can understand me Currently I have more than 600 sandpatches but I'm still on the hunt for a few to add to my collection, here are some images of what patches I'm looking for at the moment, and the sandtrooper-themed patches I have for trade. My Wants And my Trades If you have any of the ones I'm looking for, it would be great if we could do a trade. Thank you! -Mac
  2. Hello SandBro, Sorry but I didn't see your post before this time. I am the new MEPD Merch Officer since last days April. I was evaluating the possibility of making this patch, but we did not arrive on time. We did not have the design and the manufacturing times were not going to accompany. I regret that we do not have the 2022 version, for now we will have to settle for the 2017 and 2019 versions However, I can tell you that we are already working to have an MEPD patch for the 2023 celebration, and we will do it with enough time so that you have it in your hands before traveling to London, for those who do not want hand delivery
  3. Its a nice one.... Did you know the artist? Maybe could send me a contact? Thanks!
  4. with your photos I saw a new sandtrooper movie! amazing work, Lord
  5. Is this droid still active? it's very cool !!
  6. So cool SandBro! ¡Muy chulo SandBro!
  7. 76. Donosti - THE PINK FORCE DAY - 27/11/2021 The Pink Side of the force (video): https://fb.watch/9OKUL0IyYA/
  8. 74. Málaga - Gran Recogida de Alimentos 2019 Carrefour Rosaleda - 23/11/19
  9. The Spanish sandtroopers, recently we have been able to enjoy the company of Anthony Forrest, and although the limitations of movement between localities, the confinements and the measures of social distance have not made it easy, we have met him on a couple of occasions. Anthony is a kind, grateful guy who does not want to be recognized nor does he want to have a professional life that does not allow him to enjoy his privacy and anonymity, but who signs up when he knows that the environment is healthy, enjoying with the fans of the Saga and their SandBrothers. He is a guy worth knowing who represents the strengths of the Dewback Patrol very well. During a meeting with Anthony Forrest we showed him the video we made celebrating his visit and thanking him for his attention and love. We leave you the video and his reaction. Intro text in English .... " Tatooine, Mos Eisley An old man and a boy mock Imperial authority, using an old mind trick from a group of warlocks known as the Jedi. During this time, our partner Anthony Forrest, has been forced to suffer in solitude and silence the taunts of the rebellious scum, until today. The Dewback Patrol of the Spanish Garrison wants to support our SandBrother, it could have happened to any of us ... #AllAreAnthony " See you soon Anthony, the Dewback Patrol eagerly awaits our future plans to come true and we will meet again in the meantime…. Move along, Move along
  10. Congrats and thanks for your time
  11. 73. Alhaurín de la Torre - Málaga - Festival Infantil Girasoles - 21/09/19
  12. 72. Torre del Mar - Málaga - Boda de Daniel - 26/07/09
  13. Well done Fran!! Thanks for your hard work in your armor, the Dewback Patrol are very proud.
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