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  1. macnolo

    Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

    thanks brother!
  2. macnolo

    TD-18814 "macnolo" Tour of Duty - 71 Arrest

    Málaga - FreakCON 2019 - 09/03/2019
  3. Well done Fran!! Thanks for your hard work in your armor, the Dewback Patrol are very proud.
  4. Awesome armor Fran and nice weathering. Go, go, go Brother! Great work in the backpack!
  5. macnolo

    TD-18814 "macnolo" Tour of Duty - 71 Arrest

    Málaga - Semana del Voluntariado 2018 Universidad de Málaga - 10/10/18
  6. macnolo

    TD-18814 "macnolo" Tour of Duty - 71 Arrest

    Málaga - Donación de Sangre Universidad de Málaga - 04/10/18 Blood donation in the University
  7. macnolo

    TD-11250 "Slick" Tour of Duty (41 Arrests)

    Congrats Brother! great work!
  8. macnolo

    NEW Police Officer Deployed Card Background

    Congrats! Let do it these card.... send you a message
  9. macnolo

    TD-23676 "German" Tour of Duty. 34 Arrests

    Amazing German! Another great example of dedication to follow in the Dewback Patrol! I really want to meet with all you on October 27 at the Training Day in Seville! It will be a long-remembered weekend -------------- Increible German! Otro gran ejemplo de dedicación para seguir en la Dewback Patrol! Tengo muchas ganas de coincidir con vosotros el 27 de Octubre en el Training Day de Sevilla! será un fin de semana largamente recordado
  10. macnolo

    TD9841 Tour of Duty (66 arrests)

    Nice and funny pics, SandBro´!! Congrats! --------------------------------------- Buenas y graciosas fotos, SandBro´!! Enhorabuena
  11. macnolo

    TD-18969 (DarthStevius) Tour of Duty - 48 Arrests

    nice pics, congrats Sandbro´!!
  12. macnolo

    TD 11366 Hitoman Tour of duty (126 arrests)

    Awesome SandBro´ The Dewback Patrol is proud to have you among its members. Thank you for your time and dedication, Iñaki. Wanting to match again in another trooping. ---------------- La Dewback Patrol esta orgullosa de tenerte entre sus miembros. Gracias por tu tiempo y dedicación, Iñaki. Con ganas de coincidir de nuevo en otro trooping.
  13. macnolo

    Emperor's Roughnecks Requests

    Let´s do it SandBrothers! I'd like to formally request the 25 and 50 level awards. Counting the official troops on my Tour of Duty that have pictures, i have 68 arrest. You can find my Tour of Duty here, Thanks! ....
  14. macnolo

    TD-18814 "macnolo" Tour of Duty - 71 Arrest

    Málaga - Jornada Solidaria por el Cambio (UMA) - 16/05/18 (Organizador y vestido) Solidarity event at the university in which books were exchanged per kilogram of food for families with economic needs.