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  1. HappyTrooperDotCom

    TD-79008 "MrFlavaFlave" Tour of Duty Log

    Lookin' good Dave! Congrats on the first troop.
  2. HappyTrooperDotCom

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (64 Arrests)

    Lookin' good Trooper! Love the mini Sabine
  3. HappyTrooperDotCom

    HappyTrooper's Mission Journal - 39 Troops

    Got a few more...trying to get to that 50 mark! On September 28th, 2018, R2 and I attended a fundraiser for a local science museum. We rubbed elbows with some of the patrons, and got to meet Dr Who. On October 6th, R2 and I attended the 14th annual Walk for Autism in Northern VA. This was the 3rd year in a row that I attended as a Sandtrooper. Always a terrific event. We had support from some other costumers as well.
  4. HappyTrooperDotCom

    HappyTrooper's Mission Journal - 39 Troops

    Yes indeed..."will troop for smiles"
  5. HappyTrooperDotCom

    Greetings from Mimban

    WOW Loving all of it: the kit, the weathering, the pack, the cape...well done!
  6. HappyTrooperDotCom

    TD90006 - Rostwortrooper Trooping log

    These pics are great, nice job!
  7. HappyTrooperDotCom

    HappyTrooper's Mission Journal - 39 Troops

    Need to catch up on a few events. On May 12th, 2018 I marched in a local parade by myself escorting a float. Was a great workout walking 1.5 miles in armor with a pack! On July 19th and August 9th, 2018, I donned my armor and took my R2 unit to a kids robotics camp. On September 15th, 2018, I tried to help sell baked goods, with the proceeds benefiting the Childhood Cancer Foundation. These young ladies were much better at selling than I was. Was great to spend the day with other Star Wars fans
  8. Good Afternoon Troops, Our server administrator will be performing some maintenance on our host. He will be adding more resources to the virtual machine, which will hopefully help with performance. A reboot is required, and will happen around 7PM ET this evening. Please be advised that the forums will not be available at that time. Thank you for your patience! On a side note, we are aware that email notifications are not working. Our server admin will be addressing that as well. Stay sandy my friends!
  9. HappyTrooperDotCom

    Hasboro Toy Shop - Sandtrooper and Dewback Black Series

    The things we do for screen accuracy...I had to paint that pauldron white. This trooper's head was a lot more difficult to remove from the body than my other troopers. If you do try to paint the pauldron, use caution when removing this little guy's head. Its so GRAY Used some masking tape and HandiTak to mask the pauldron: Used a few light coats of flat white primer: Cleaned up the edges with a toothpick: Used some Tamiya Weathering Master pastels that I use for plastic aircraft modeling, I also weathered the orange pauldron, it was too clean. Now everyone is happy!
  10. HappyTrooperDotCom

    Hasboro Toy Shop - Sandtrooper and Dewback Black Series

    I picked mine up on Amazon a few days ago: https://amzn.to/2juXq5a This is a great piece. The dewback is very detailed...and heavy. Articulated too. I'm very happy with it. I was never able to get the orange pauldron trooper, so I bought 2 black pauldron troopers and airbrushed one of them. I plan on doing the same with the gray pauldron...making it white and then weathering it a bit. I used some masking tape and handi-tak to mask the pauldron: I "primed" it with flat black spray, and then hit it with orange acrylic through an airbrush. There's no way the acrylic would bite into that smooth plastic, flat enamel/primer was a must.
  11. HappyTrooperDotCom

    Tapatalk problem ?

    Hello fellow Troopers, I believe Tapatalk is back online. Please give it a test when time permits. I was able to access MEPD from Taptalk on my mobile device. Let me know if you experience any issues. MANY thanks for your patience, I know this has been a very long wait.
  12. HappyTrooperDotCom

    PMs not showing up

    I do see that DirtyDave is out of storage space:
  13. HappyTrooperDotCom

    PMs not showing up

    Anyone else having an issue posting forum replies? I am using Chrome on a Windows workstation, I clicked reply, typed this message, and submit reply. It seems to be working.
  14. HappyTrooperDotCom

    TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    Lookin' good Thomas! Love the birthday party pic. Glad you are recruiting them young! Nice job.
  15. HappyTrooperDotCom

    Tapatalk problem ?

    We haven't forgotten about Tapatalk Elections are over, and we have the new app installed on our forums. Mon Mothma put it best: "it is not yet operational." We are trying to track down some important info to get it back online. I'll update once it is ready. Thank you for your continued patience.