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  1. PMs not showing up

    Anyone else having an issue posting forum replies? I am using Chrome on a Windows workstation, I clicked reply, typed this message, and submit reply. It seems to be working.
  2. TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    Lookin' good Thomas! Love the birthday party pic. Glad you are recruiting them young! Nice job.
  3. Tapatalk problem ?

    We haven't forgotten about Tapatalk Elections are over, and we have the new app installed on our forums. Mon Mothma put it best: "it is not yet operational." We are trying to track down some important info to get it back online. I'll update once it is ready. Thank you for your continued patience.
  4. HappyTrooper's Mission Journal

    We had so much fun at the last Blue & Gold Banquet, we joined another group of Cub Scouts in the area just a few weeks later. On February 23rd, Garrison Tyranus did some heavy recruiting at this event.
  5. HappyTrooper's Mission Journal

    On February 11th, 2018, our Garrison was invited to attend a Blue & Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts in Leesburg. They had a Star Wars theme for the evening. The banquet was kicked off with the Imperial March, and we led the Scouts to the stage for the flag ceremony. Later, we got to join these future recruits for some chow in the mess hall.
  6. Frustrating experience trying to buy materials for this pack

    It is a scavenger hunt for sure. I may be a little out of date here...Airborne, correct me if I'm wrong...Gordonator may still be selling those cisterns. I have one, it looks great, and its been going strong for 2 years. Also Crashmann (Charlie) offers a bunch of parts. Here is a link to all of the parts that he offers. http://tk386.com/sandtrooper_backpack_kit/
  7. BAck pack shoulder straps.

    I use these straps on my pack: http://amzn.to/2CrPehN
  8. Tapatalk problem ?

    Once elections have passed, we will be addressing the Tapatalk issue.
  9. Tapatalk problem ?

    Hello Rob, I will check into the email notification issue. Will update everyone when its ready.
  10. Forum skin/ banner

    I hope to get the banner adjusted this evening...so you may see that banner moving around a little to the left...a little to the right...
  11. Site Maintenance to be performed: January 17th, 2018 @ 8PM ET

    As we all know, Taptalk has stopped working since the upgrade of the site. Eric (DarthAloha) has tried to work some magic behind the scenes but to no avail. I have disabled the Tapatalk app/plugin and it may seem that "submit reply" is now working on forums and messages? Prior to this, when I clicked "submit reply" on a forum or on a private message, my message would actually post, but you wouldn't know because the message was still sitting there. I would click submit reply a 2nd time and it would double post. We'll have to table the Tapatalk issue and try to get the forum back to working order.
  12. Site Maintenance to be performed: January 17th, 2018 @ 8PM ET

    Maintenance complete, however, we are experiencing an issue with Tapatalk. Will let you know once it is resolved.
  13. Hello Troopers, My apologies for the short notice. This evening (January 17th) at 8PM Eastern Time, the MEPD forums will be going down for a brief maintenance window. We expect the maintenance to take 1 hour. Please use this downtime to remove any sand/debris from your weapons & field packs. Thank you, Damon
  14. Shoulder pouch issue

    Not sure if this will help your ammo pack from folding...do your rear-facing securing loops on the ammo pouch run diagonally? I have a snap on my alice pack strap that secures the ammo pouch. Here is a photo of the snap on the alice strap. This is simply a piece of 1" nylon strapping, with a single snap, hand-sewn onto the alice pack strap. I have an Anovos kit, I didn't use their strapping, so I had some leftover. As you can see, this one has velcro (not used). Like a Jawa, I recycled I can slide my alice pack strap through both ammo pack loops. Then I just use the snap that was sewn onto the alice pack strap to secure the top ammo pack loop. As you can see, the loops on the ammo pack run diagonally, so my ammo pack can't fold. Are you utilizing both loops from your ammo pack? If you are only using one, it could cause that folding problem.
  15. HappyTrooper's Mission Journal

    On October 21st, 2017, Garrison Tyranus was invited back to the 13th annual walk for autism, held by the Parents of Autistic Children of Northern Virginia. POAC-NoVA helped raise awareness and funding for autism research.