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  1. Back and at it again!

    Glad your back to the TD! I'm not sure about codpiece width, but ukswrath's threads are always great, and this is the most detailed one I've found - https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35086-ukswraths-anovos-tk-build/ It's a TK but the for the codpiece it should be about the same hopefully helps a little!
  2. TD build, hoping for basic approval

    Your weathering looks fantastic man!!! Congrats!
  3. Add photos to post with Flickr

    Good tip! Thanks!
  4. Add photos to post with Flickr

    Hey guys, Just wanted to post this for anyone wanting to use a different photo hosting site seeing as Photobucket is down. Here's a how-to for Flickr. Create an account and upload your photos to Flickr Navigate to the "Camera Roll" section Select all your photos and click the "Privacy" button Change to "Public" Then double click to view photo Right click and select "Copy Image Address" Hope this helps!
  5. New to MEPD, starting ANOVOS build

    And lastly apply for basic 501st approval!! Woooo!
  6. New to MEPD, starting ANOVOS build

    Darn you Photobucket!! I'll upload the rest of these via Flikr Armor updates to where I am now - Switched internal strapping system now totally snap-based. So much nicer. Belt I made that holds up the thigh pieces via elastic Velcro. (Seemed like a better option that attaching via snaps to the codpiece, anybody have advice having tried both?) . Bought a crappy pauldron off Amazon so I'd have something to wear to Denver Comic Con Painted inside of helmet black, made single eye lenses out of full visor Added padding to helmet Added some foam inside shin pieces to the return edge from painfully digging into my knee Dissassembled helmet masked off for interior painting I used a glossy spray-paint on the interior that I was not very fond of So I used some Testors dullcote to bring the sheen down, and it looked waaay better Here's the bucket re-assembled with new lenses, paint, and padding. The padding is from amazon and is very firm, I will probably be doing some more trial and error to get it dialed in for comfort and stability. (I also salvaged the nose piece from an old toy clone trooper helmet) Here are my canvas MP-40 pouches as they arrived in the mail, ready to be dyed Here's the shoulder pouch after dying but still wet After drying out, the nylon stitching remained white This is after using a sharpie on all the seams (sorry about the orientation) And here's the wood blocks to fill out the pouches For my first troop I wanted to have the speaker in the shoulder pouch like so But that turned out to not work as well as I was hoping, I'll probably be investing in one of ukswraths in-helmet hovi-tip speaker systems. Speaking of the first troop though, here's a couple pics from Denver Comic Con Things I'd like to add and work on Helmet fan system (I wore it for 2 hours at the con and sweat was pooling in the helmet when I took it off... ) Better speaker system in helmet (I also used the TrooperTalk app developed by Andrew Brinkhaus, and I had some lagging issues toward the end of the 2 hours using it) Weather pauldron Find a better way to attach shoulder pouch sans backpack (As soon as I can I will have a fieldpack!!) Adjust a couple parts of the armor for better comfort Finish E-11 blaster (I'll post a different thread with that build)
  7. Photobucket won't host forum pictures anymore!

    Between flikr and imgur, which do you guys think is better? Also Scott your signature is fantastic!! Haha
  8. *DONE* TD 71024 Requesting Deployment

    Killer man! I love the "real" weathered feel, good luck!
  9. Congrats man! And yeah Photobucket is such an important part of forums like this. I really hope they get their Sh*t figured out.
  10. TD build, hoping for basic approval

    Nice! looks good. That's one of the nice things about being a sandy, little scuffs and mistakes are totally unnoticeable when you're dirty!
  11. Dude holy crap this looks so awesome. Are you modeling in zbrush or blender or what? And I'm assuming your reference is a hot toys or sideshow collectibles? Super impressed with your work though. You could totally sell those files on thingiverse or shapeways for a pretty penny. I know I'd pay for sure!
  12. Boots won't fit under armor

    I did exactly what Scott did but on the back of the shin. My boots are too short and it keeps them down as well. Good luck!
  13. Move a long replica suit

    This is incredible! Killer work Rolf, you have an incredibly keen eye!
  14. 13066's First Sand trooper build

    This thread on the FISD might have some more info for you - https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38921-anovos-anh-thigh-shim-help/ It seems ABS slurry is an option with a couple layered strips like that dude ^ tried, but there was also talk that an extra large cover strip might be an easier option. I'm not sure about approval standards though on those two options. I'm sure they're workable
  15. TD build, hoping for basic approval

    From my understanding, you technically do not, but I think it would add a lot to the look if you did. From the CRL on basic approval - From the CRL on level 2 approval -