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  1. Thanks Airborne, that actually answers a question I didn't know I had too. I wasn't sure how to mount that disc either I'll buy two of them I have been searching for a bottle to match that one. I think I found an okay one at Walmart. I should pick it up. It's only $4 that I'm out if I'm wrong lol
  2. I know it's the holidays, but the no replies in a week or so is definitely discouraging.
  3. Also as someone mentioned before, what's the chances the top of the middle bottle is the juice jug lid? It kinda looks like it. I added a photo to the album.
  4. My pack build I'm having problems sharing photos. I'm not sure what's up so here's the album. I unstitched the straps raps from the bag today. Took about 2 hours. It was insane how well made it was. To my surprise the straps are connected so I have lots of extra webbing to attach to the frame when I get to it. Radar dish is actually 5" so I think I'm good there. Just need a backer piece and a carriage bolt. I found an old toolbag strap. It's 1.5" wide and adjustable. I think I might try that as the strap around the bottom and if it works and looks good then I'll leave it if not I'll use 1" webbing. The lab tube took me 30 seconds to build. I cut two 1.5" lengths of the 3/4" and a 15" length of the 1". I dry fit the 3/4" pieces in without teeming out the 1" and to my surprise they fit so perfectly tight that they aren't coming back out for glue lol. So that's built. any idea how long this motar tube should be? I know the normal one is 30" but pack 1 is shorter and I can't find a measurement anywhere. I was hoping to get this cut today but without a pack beside me to compare photos to I can't even guess a length. Even if I did guess I wouldn't want to be wrong based on a hunch.
  5. I wonder with the change in helmets if it means I can choose if I want to have the low brow or high when I go for SWAT eventually with that trooper Badbatch lol
  6. I think you use them often in building your packs but just invade this may be helpful. If you wrap the Neo magnets in painters tape they are so much easier to pull apart when using but lose none of the power. They also are less likely to smash when your jerk friends come over and think it's funny to smash them together haha
  7. If anyone has seedtrays, mushroom cap, or a toolbox they feel like donating to the cause I'll send my address and shipping cost hahaha
  8. I'm having trouble figuring out the length of the mortar tube. I found that grey 2" ABS electrical conduit is an exact match to the AP PVC pipe that Mark sends for his thermal detenators. So I'll be using that and painting it black. Im still collecting things but I found a pitcher lid. I think it's 4.5". I don't have my tape in the house and I don't feel like going to the car. I have an AP TD kit for the bottom cap and panel traded for with my completed kit from a past TK life lol. For the lab tube Im gojng to use 1" electrical conduit cut to a 15" length and the ends reamed out to fit a 1" piece of 3/4" electrical conduit. Then paint black. I'm going to handbuild the filter box using the box size specs I found in another thread. It was posted earlier in this thread. Not sure out of what but I'm looking for some sort of plastic. I think I may make the inside out of plastic too just for durability sake. Fold thin plastic as an accordion. Paint it all black. Middle bottle Im going to go find a sanding disk and a bottle. Cut the bottle down to 17cm I believe the size was. Paint it. My mother in law is printing the toilet siphon, radio, and gio style bottle at work for me using the plans from this site. I'd get her to do the mushroom cap too but the file says it isn't sized correct and I don't want to waste time. She's kind of... stealing printer time and a "professional" who uses the printer from work lol. Shoulder straps will be cut from a US army duffle bag, sprayed black, and riveted to the frame. That way it's adjustable and comfortable. I need to find metal for the cross members on the frame. 3/4" aluminum it looks like. I'm not sure where to get that. Thinking princess auto here in Canada may have it. Need it to build the brackets for the canteen too. I'll be using a 1" nylon strap around the bottom and radio. Held tight by screws to the frame I think. For those of you keeping score at home I think all that's left on this pack past what I have planned for is: -Seed boxes -mushroom cap -toolbox -money You may have noticed the word buy has not been used too many times. I've taken it as a personal challenge to make this pack as cheap as humanly possible. I'm collecting slow, thinking a whole lot, nonstop actually. I think about this everyday but I haven't done the build At all yet. I don't want to be off but I have time off this next week so I was thinking of at least getting the parts I have together and figure out the filter and middle bottle. I have a huge question though. Will I have problems going to PO with this build?
  9. Amazing, I was going to do this exact thing and I thought for sure the 1" was too big so I didn't. I'll make it to your guys specs.
  10. I prefer the roadblock version on pack 1 myself. More character to it.
  11. You're awesome Badbatch! That pouch breakdown is going to help so much buddy. Thank you This is so much fun. Making my own lab pipe too. I have lengths of 1', 1/2", and 3/4" so I'll just play around until it looks good. Perks of being an electrician, easy access to scrap conduit.
  12. I knew this would stir up a bit of conversation The oil filter is the right-ish shape but I've personally never seen one as big. I think I may do the shampoo bottle unless there is a definitive answer. A filter that size would add a huge weight to the pack and if I can skip that I would prefer to. As for the filter box on the left I'm going to use a project box from Sayal electronics up here in the Great White North. I figure in the neighbourhood of 6.5" x 4.5" x 2.5". Then using a car air filter for the middle.
  13. You guys are awesome. Thank you for the help so far. I'll make sure to keep this updated as I go
  14. Also Crook if you happen to have better HD screen they would be appreciated. I was shown once upon a time where to find them online and I can't remember lol
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