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  1. Wow. Guess I haven't been on the forums for a while. That's great news! The exchange rate has been a killer too.
  2. To the Sandy and the other 501st members at the Toronto comic con this weekend, thank you. It was nice to talk with some of you. Im a bit of a shy guy but you were all very easy to talk to. I wish I had more time but I look forward to seeing and talking with you all again soon. P.s. what is the initiation I heard about?...lol
  3. Hey all, Do any of you know if there are blu-ray versions of the original theatrical episodes of 4,5,&6? I have them on dvd but the picture size is so small.
  4. Hey all, I want to get one of hyperfirm's DLT - 19's. They do not ship to Canada. I have heard that replica firearms are not allowed in Canada. I have also heard you can and the boarder control doesn't care. Are any of you are canadian and brought one over or shipped one in from the states? I have also heard that some troopers have brought them over the boarder for us canadians when they come to troop. I have a friend in the states that could ship it to me or is it best to have a trooper cross the boarder with it? After the exchange rate and any shipping,it's going to cost about $500 so I really want to make sure I get it. Any advise or information is greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks guys, I assume it's just first time jitters. I'm sure once I've done one build, future ones will be less intimidating. Dropping so much coin for something always makes me nervous. I've been doing so much reading over the past weeks my mind is getting scrambled. ..lol. I was originally going for HWT and then changed my mind to TD. Now I'm trying to remember if what I read was for HWT or TD...lol. So many little differences and varients, I just want to make sure I get it right.
  6. Thanks Jason, That is good to hear that he does a good job. As for the weathering, that is what I was wondering about. I don't know if his gear comes pre weathered or like you said "just the parts for a sandy build". I really have no idea what to expect, this being my first time. ..lol. I don't know If I need to paint the armor and weather it, or just weather it, or both are done for me. Guess I'll find out when my turn comes up. I can't wait to get my hands on my gear...lol
  7. Hey all, I am currently on RT-MOD's wait list. I chose him because FISD had recommended him for bigger people. Have any of you used him before? Also I would eventually like to go for SWAT. Can you think of anything in particular that I should be asking of him, to further my chances of getting into SWAT? He says he does sandy gear, but don't I have to have my armor done dirty a certain way foe SWAT? Any advise and information on this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Awesome video. I'm not much of a visionary and the video really helps me figure it out. Can't wait to get my armor and get dirty.
  9. It's called fullers earth. Looks like you can get it on Amazon.com. as to whitch ones you would need, I'm not sure. I'm pretty new here my self.
  10. Hey all, My name us Paul aka Shelburne. I'm live in Ontario, Canada and have loved star wars since I was kid. I have been married for 16 years and have 3 beautiful little girls. I recently found out about the 501st when I started going to my local comic cons a couple years ago. Needless to say I got very excited and loved how the 501st does so much for people and charities. After talking to the boss (my wife) I got the go ahead to go on this adventure. It's all a little overwhelming on where to begin,what to do etc. The forums are a great help but alot to read and take in. I was originally thinking of being a HWT, but after further research and conversations, Dirty Boy convinced me to go sandy. Dirty Boy has been very patient with me thus far with all my questions and noobness...lol So thank you! I am currently on RT-MOD's waiting list, have my pauldron and have now ordered a SWAT level pack from Dirty Boy. I am assuming RT-MOD does do TD armor but I have emailed him to confirm. I hope to be deployed early 2017 and one day be a SWAT member. Enough rambling from me and I hope to troop with some of you in the near future.
  11. Thanks Charlie! I appreciate all the help and info.
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