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  1. I was curious who from the MEPD might be at this convention. Hope to meet and say hi to some of you. Asher
  2. Close to the finish line. Needs some detail painting and weathering. Next on to my pack before the armor arrives. Will post final pic when my t rails arrive and weathering done.
  3. Was looking to check out this build by Lovemonkey but I am un able to access the link to topic 1688 that was mentioned in his original post. Really hoping to get info on the pvc backpack frame. Asher
  4. Wow nice armor. Congratulations from an aspiring TD in the MidSouth Garrison hope to be troop ready soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. What size is the washer? Any tips , how not to go too far? Asher
  6. A funny find while looking for screen caps for my build. I have found an orange pauldron captain with a DLT-19 and cheese grater hand guards, carrying the DLT rifle upside down lol.
  7. Ty very much
  8. Very kewl pic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Just ordered armor from WTF. Any one have any suggestions on build videos. There are so many, it makes looking for one that really has all the tips and tricks hard to find. Any tips from the sand box would be welcomed very much. Will keep y'all updated as I make progress. Ty Asher
  10. Will give it a try going to Flikr now ty Asher
  11. Hey Sandbox buddies, i am looking for more reference photos of the enlisted alley way / falcon takeoff v.1 any one have some that they might share? i once found a thread with a lot of reference pics , can't seem to find it again. Thanks a lot guys Asher
  12. Who knew it would take another app to shrink the pics LoL