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  1. While waiting to get the lenses shaped I though about the last of the painting. I used the stick on tube stripes to make a making tape template to hand paint them on. So just how ugly can the tube stripes be. Need input before I proceed. Any comments welcome. Asher
  2. How do you shape the lens material. Trying to fit them to use Chicago bolts. Asher
  3. Should there be any thing between the metal of the Chicago bolt and the plastic of the face plate? I 'm off to get those bolts in the morning ! thanks Asher
  4. @HanvsVader. Could you elaborate more on how you mounted your lenses. Or more so , how you installed the Chicago bolts. And what size and length they are? Much thanks Asher
  5. Working on finishing the out side of the helmet, I wanted to ask about ear bumps. which ear bump get painted black? I am still struggling to find a good shot of my swat reference. Was wandering if it was the same on all. Asher
  6. Should the hovi mic tip be white inside? Or all black? Asher
  7. Thank you for the insight. I will be ordering new arms this evening. Will pay closer attention to the strip in front to keep it looking correct. Thanks again Asher Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. opps ! oh my..... trimmed the front to 16mm thought I would get away with that -- they are very tight thought I could take out some of the return to loosen them up, but I mistakenly measured and trimmed the backs of them. off to WTF to order more upper arms. how much return edge should there be at the top (shoulder) and bottom (elbow) ? if I make the front cover strip 15mm is there a maximum for the back ? my arms are not all that big not sure how I ended up this way but will measure better next go round. Asher
  9. Add size
  10. How wide should my cover strip be? I seem to have a rather large flat area after sizing these. The flat is 45mm wide
  11. What is the general thought on painting the inside of the bucket? Asher
  12. Thank you out it is. Asher
  13. Some thing else I meant to ask about. Frown mesh. Yes or no ? Looking to go P.O. and later SWAT. Don’t want to put it in just to take it out later.
  14. Wow. Ok thank you very much. Asher