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  1. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Would it be possible to replace the green with a tan or gray ? What ever color that would good. that green and brown make me think of a biker on Endor. Just an idea. Asher
  2. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    I found a what a black and white would look like. And a tan.
  3. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    I like the two tone as well maybe a different combo of colors.
  4. Surprise wedding build

    Great idea ! May the Force Be With You Asher
  5. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    I wonder if this is the out of armor dress uniform a stormtrooper would wear? has any one ever done one before? This is the enlisted and NCO I think and the one below is officer
  6. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Very few people have been in on this discussion may be we should get a time line on this for people to offer ideas and then set a voting pole. May need to get command may not ? It’s just a hat not a “official” piece of equipment. But it would be really kewl if we were all sporting the same cover.
  7. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Maybe something snug like a welders cap
  8. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Some guys from the German Garrison have a pic with them all in what looks like boonie hats. It looks real good. I think it was Thomas (bigwam) and Martin.
  9. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Well so far we have heard : Beret officers cap WWII Garrison cap Geeman DAK Afrika Korp cap Boonie hat. Bucket hat I think they are all good ideas. Anyone else have some thought or pics of an out of bucket cover ? Asher edited to add
  10. Wonderful job, I hope my deployment goes as well as this.
  11. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    These look great !
  12. Great looking kit ! Asher
  13. In Memoriam: TD-83314

    Buckets off salute
  14. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    i was looking at a Garrison cap and something close to the officers cap in a tan ( Desert Storm ) type color that looked real good . I found som uniforms that mention stormtroopers. Officer and stormtrooper corp ( enlisted ? ) storm trooper officer cap Stormptrooper officer uniform Middle black is the stormtrooper corp uniform with cap would theese be more like a dress uniform for troopers?
  15. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Any thoughts on the color of this Garrison hat. I think the cover sounds like a great idea. After looking around I have seen several designs on Garrison caps and similar types have you guys picked one ? Asher