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  1. Paypal Sent.. Transaction ID: 21T54490H4786003V
  2. Vincent, good looking kit, chest needs some dulling on the weathering. Awesome job on the bucket..
  3. Afternoon Troopers, Sorry for the delay in posting. Its a esteemed pleasure to represent the MEPD and the Canadian Garrison here on as a armorer with-in the detachment. My name is Chris and i have been a proud member of the 501st since early 2016. At first i was going to build a TK but after a realization that my sheer upper body size was an issue with the AP armor i had purchased i made the decision to go TD and have never looked back.. Had to replace a few parts for SWAT but its an honor to be one of the few elite. I have embraced the choice and love every aspect of the people and culture that is a "Sandtrooper" Since my base 501st acceptance i have been approved for PO & SWAT deployed status with the MEPD in my first year with the legion.. I have become the poster-boy for the Canadian Garrison & more so for other local Sandtroopers as an inspiration. In my 2 years with the legion I have helped several TDs and TKs & even a Vader and FOTK build\revamp their armor, weapons and packs to the highest standard as possible and done so in record time. I have also become the go to contact in the garrison for weapon / armor weathering assistance and tips/tricks.. I always love to help new troopers and show them the ropes. its been a honor and a privilege to be here and share my knowledge and experience with all troopers alike..
  4. I did it for mobility, getting a pinch at the back of the knee hurts.. Didn't effect my SWAT approvals at all..
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