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  1. looking good trooper.
  2. Congrats trooper
  3. Looks awesome Strider
  4. Great job trooper, i see an easy review..
  5. Looking good trooper, should be an easy review.
  6. Always a pleasure brother..
  7. Shawn, Looks great, its a good base. i would do a dark wash on it or go a tad darker on the layers. Great start for sure.
  8. Looking good brother, wanted to get out to this one. Ended up busy with rental properties :-(
  9. Congrats Trooper.
  10. Defiantly on the right track trooper.. The approval is usually up to the local GML for basic approval, most of the time as long as you follow the CRL it will go well. Something i noticed is the gaps in the shoulders.. Bring the tops of the shoulders into the shoulder bridge and angle them forward to minimize the gap at the front.
  11. Looks like your making some progress brother i told you ask the MEPD !! lol