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  1. 19th Arrest- Festus Elementary Autism Visit 6/13/22
  2. 18th Arrest- SLSO Music of John Williams 3/20/22
  3. Arrest #17 Nerdcon21 4/30/21
  4. Skeptical by looking at today's date;)
  5. Mine was just double sided tape. I figured the painting over the top would basically seal it all together. I think Juan's idea would work well also.
  6. Not sure what size I ended up using. I actually never got around to totally finishing the new build. Life happens. I do remember I used double sided tape on the barrel to wrap the line around. Seems like it worked well and once painted would look good. Not sure how durable the whole process would end up being. Might get beat up during trooping depending on how rough you are with it.
  7. Nice! Not enough room for me to bring my Sandie. Have fun!
  8. Troop #16- ANH with the St. Louis Symphony 1/26/19
  9. Troop #15 Scout Halloween Party - Wohlwend Elementary 10/23/18
  10. Thanks dude! The lenses are soooo dark! I might have to change them out so I don't trip on everything! lol!!!
  11. 14. Solo Movie Event, Cinema 1 Plus Washington MO- 6/2/18 Got to split time between my TD and my Skully for this one.
  12. That's the best pic I've seen in a long time Glad that one finally got there. Who knows maybe someday you'll get the one from Brazil too. lol!!!
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