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  1. First Time Weathering, How am I Doing?

    Looking good. I'm sure you'll get some more input from others here soon. Keep up the good work
  2. First Time Weathering, How am I Doing?

    Looking good Masen! It's all pretty much personal preference unless you're trying to match a trooper for SWAT. I might add a little more heavier(darker) areas in some of the crevices to mix it up a bit. But good job so far.
  3. TD-68686 Tour Log

    Troop #12 Music of John Williams with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra 12/23/17
  4. Shoulder pouch issue

    I made two metal strips and drilled them to the back of mine into the wood inserts. Keeps it from folding up like that.
  5. TD-68686 Tour Log

    Me too! They're still fun but they don't draw near the crowds as they did back when we were kids unfortunately. Still a great time though.
  6. TD-68686 Tour Log

    Troop #11 St. Louis Ambush Star Wars Night- 12/8/17
  7. ARMORER TEAM 2017

    Way to go guys!!!
  8. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    Way to go! Congrats!
  9. Looks great! Well done brother! Hausi is probably right on that outer ring on the end of the barrel. It may be a bit thick. They made us thin ours out for SWAT. And dirty up those straps! lol!!!
  10. TD-68686 Tour Log

    Troop #10- 131st Bomb Wing Missouri Air National Guard Family Day, Jefferson Barracks -9/9/17
  11. Looking great! Keep up the good work [emoji106] Can't wait to see it finished. Some day I'll add lights and sound to mine. Lol!!!
  12. TD90006 Trooping log