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  1. spOOL68

    Celebration Galactic March

    Nice! Not enough room for me to bring my Sandie. Have fun!
  2. spOOL68

    Detachment Leader 2019

  3. spOOL68

    TD-68686 Tour Log - 16 Arrests

    Troop #16- ANH with the St. Louis Symphony 1/26/19
  4. spOOL68

    TD-68686 Tour Log - 16 Arrests

    Troop #15 Scout Halloween Party - Wohlwend Elementary 10/23/18
  5. I had to adjust mine smaller for SWAT. Just fyi.
  6. spOOL68

    TD-68686 Tour Log - 16 Arrests

    Thanks dude! The lenses are soooo dark! I might have to change them out so I don't trip on everything! lol!!!
  7. spOOL68

    TD-68686 Tour Log - 16 Arrests

    14. Solo Movie Event, Cinema 1 Plus Washington MO- 6/2/18 Got to split time between my TD and my Skully for this one.
  8. spOOL68

    Dudens15 T-21 Build

    That's the best pic I've seen in a long time Glad that one finally got there. Who knows maybe someday you'll get the one from Brazil too. lol!!!