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  1. Punisher2-2

    My TD build

    Progress is moving along... Did a fit test this evening to see where I'm having issues. 1. Not sure how to fix the right side of the butt plate as it sticks out 2. the side seam between the kidney plate and AB plate isn't sitting well with the 3 rivet strap assembly, one end seems to be sagging, any tricks for fixing that would be greatly appreciated. (not pictured, but I can get one up if guys aren't sure what I"m talking about) Pics below: Any comments greatly appreciated! (DISCLAIMER: I dressed myself, only thing I couldn't snap was the groin strap *hanging in pics)
  2. Punisher2-2

    My TD build

    I've got the 1" nylon webbing so I'll definitely go that route, thanks for the tip. I've got UKs Hearing assist system, I remember him briefly touching on the topic of carrying on a fan bracket similar to what Echo used to do but discontinued, but I thought UK ended up not pursuing it. If I'm wrong, I would definitely like a bracket, that's about all I'm waiting on to finish up my helmet interior.
  3. Punisher2-2

    My TD build

    This has been a rework in progress, and I feel like I'm nearing the home stretch before weathering. Looking for basic approval, so not too worried about MEPD SWAT with this build. Below are some WIP pictures, any feedback is appreciated. The room... :sandtroopero: Helmet WIP...looking forward to a fan bracket and then installing the UK hearing assist system: Legs... Need cover strips on both rear thighs: Chest and Back assembled: AB/Kidney plate...Looking for confirmation I'm on the correct path, intending to trim the excess ABS from the outside edge of both paint masking tape lines (roughly 2") which will adjust fitting better as it was originally too large and was joined with a cover strip on the inside (I plan on using the 6 rivets with 1" non-roll elastic). AB Belt needs button covers over the three rivets, and the Three button panel is getting removed and replaced with a properly sized Three button: *This was posted on the Carolina Garrison board, just wanted to share my progress, and get some more feedback. Thanks for looking, and I'm looking forward to getting this thing dirty!
  4. Very nice build. Thanks for some great ideas.
  5. Punisher2-2

    Leg ABS Cover Strips NEEDED for TD build

    Trooperbay was my first stop, but due to them being offline currently and the fact that I have the patience of a 5 year old, I outsourced support Thanks again for all the help, I was able to get some ABS and am planning on getting my build thread up hopefully this week with pictures to help finish this bad guy up!
  6. Not sure if this is in the correct spot...but as the title stated. I'm in need of ABS to finish the cover strips on both thighs, and calves as well as some scratch ABS to make the 3 button covers on the belt. My TD build is about 80% complete (pre-weathering) and I can't find any spare ABS anywhere online. I've been waiting for MEPD to come back online so hopefully someone could get me to the right place so I can finish this guy up and get basic approval! PM, post, telegraph, text, Raven are all viable means to get in touch. I appreciate it!
  7. This is great work! Nicely done sir