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  1. bitterly dissapointed with RS Actitude in the last fee days. In addition to a really terrible customer support, blocking all IP from Spain in order to not complaining comments in its Facebook trully astonished me.
  2. It looks really good!!! reallly good job bro, we are so proud of you!!!!! Love it.
  3. Hi guys, hope some of you have seen the post regarding to funny infractions we have uploaded on the Spanish Garrison facebook and shared on the MEPD facebook profile. Spanish dirty boys feel really proud of it. Anyway, we just took this idea from another garrison, I don't remember wich one, and translated all infractions into spanish. See bellow a pic of this.
  4. ok guys!! keep calm and be patient
  5. Hi!! I already did it some days ago but I'm still pending on the update. What else may I do to speed up?
  6. Yes, i sent it to Sandman some days ago
  7. Yes, now I can access to those links Gordonator has posted. But Still pending on having my picture updated in the officers members. Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi!! no, I can't. This is the message shown: [#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum. I checked my permissions with Leno (he already has full access) last weekend and there are many parts of the forum not visible for me. In adition, I'm still pending on my personal card to be included in the Deployed Officer member list. I got the approve in the beginning of january (Sandman I sent you the pucture last friday evening). Thanks guys.
  9. Hi bros, after having my submission for officer I´m still waiting to have the fully access to the MEPD forum, do you konw when it will be available?. Thanks.
  10. Thank you really much, I appreciate your comments!!! there is no better way to start 2016
  11. Really thank you for this info. Good luck sandy mate
  12. Hello guys!! It posted my submittion almost a month ago and I haven't had any comment from recruiter, you know whats is going on? I'm getting nervous...
  13. just to add some info useful, if it doesn't work you may clic in the right boton of your mouse and copy URL, then back in forum clic on the image icon and paste the URL already copied. I did it so
  14. Great weekend in Porto comic con with potuguese outpost sand bros!!
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