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  1. Thanks everyone. Will dirty up the inside of the belt or perhaps add a little tab of Velcro to secure the end better
  2. Back home so now able to tweak and get more pictures for the application. Tube stripes: Chest screws now added: Strapping: Dirty shoulder straps: Gloves: Fingers crossed
  3. Thanks for the feedback chaps, I will get on the tweaks and get more pictures uploaded. Would I need to do full kit up photos for resubmission or upload photos of the adjustments?
  4. Do you need the screws on the ab plate also or just the chest?
  5. Thank you for the comments and compliments chaps. Just doubled checked the CRL didn't realise for PO I needed the screen used bracket system doh! Will get on it asap, also dirty up my shoulder straps
  6. Name: Josh Delaney 501st TD ID: 10290 Link: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17816&costumeID=124 MEPD forum name: jdelaney Garrison: UK Garrison - Imperial Welsh Squad Lid off: Front: Front with blaster: Right side: Right side arm up: Left side: Left side arm up: Back: Back close up: Elastic shoulder straps detail: Canvas belt: Ab details: Lid: Weapon- Bapty E-11 Acton pose: Pack detail photos: Updated photo of accurate dial for this pack Fingers crossed. Thanks Josh
  7. Requesting Sandtrooper clearance on my newly cleared Sandy. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17816&costumeID=124
  8. Josh delaney Legion ID #10290 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17816&costumeID=124 Requesting 501st access
  9. Thanks for getting back to me Baron, My main reason for not picking up a new kit and converting my current TK to TD is mainly cash flow, but also as my TK is my first ever build I would like to extend the longevity of it as it is made from 1.5mm HIPS its looking rather battle scared and the cracks and repairs are getting noticeable. My thinking is to hide these with weathering. With regards to the pack how much work would be needed to make it more accurate?
  10. Hi everyone, TK 10290 checking in. I've been thinking for a good while now to convert my current TK into a TD. I've been talking to a fellow local retired trooper who might be selling his sandy to me, however I only have pictures of the backpack. What do you guys think about it? The frame is made from plastic tube rather than the metal frame work of a camping backpack. The faceplate for the radio was sculpted and vac formed but other retired trooper in my area. It also has the tupperware lid. The sandy armour is FX with a RT mod helmet, which I know parts are no longer acceptable for clearance, but like I said I will be looking to convert my current TK. I'm not 100% on what would need to be changed, parts I know would be the abs, sniper plate, hand plates (though I currently use white silicone rather than painted latex), remove drop boxes, shoulder bridges, holster. I would be interested in shimming the sides as well, as my current TK there is no shims.
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