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  1. Hi Clive,

     You still there? just waiting on response to the parts i needed you were going to get back to me on this

  2. I make them as well trooper http://goo.gl/forms/gcThPFlJdn
  3. Thank you brothers super chuffed and glad to be on board...
  4. Thanks airborne trooper... that paint couldn't go off quick enough...lol heres my new tube stripes tidied up and re-Weathered thanks for all the support clive
  5. Thanks Felix thats great news.. heres the screws painted
  6. Thanks Felice I stencilled the tube stripes and they looked too mechanical so I've redone them free hand. i will tidy them up when they are fully cured. thanks for all your support brothers
  7. Thanks lovemonkey Looking forward to any advice needed. Clive
  8. TD-73511 requesting Deployment Name: Clive Barzillia 501st Member Profile Page: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16665 Forum name: ninjabiscuit Garrison: UK garrison UKG here goes.. Full front: Right side: Right side arms raise: Full Back: Left side: Left side arms raised: Pack close up: Action shoot dlt: Action shot e11: Weapons: Lids off:
  9. Hello I thought I would finally sign up I'm a UKG TK armourer and I run the Imperial Supply Depo. Glad to be on board troopers
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