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  1. Ninjabiscuit

    Neck Seal

    I make them as well trooper http://goo.gl/forms/gcThPFlJdn
  2. Ninjabiscuit

    *DONE* TD-73511 requesting deployment

    Thank you brothers super chuffed and glad to be on board...
  3. Ninjabiscuit

    *DONE* TD-73511 requesting deployment

    Thanks airborne trooper... that paint couldn't go off quick enough...lol heres my new tube stripes tidied up and re-Weathered thanks for all the support clive
  4. Ninjabiscuit

    *DONE* TD-73511 requesting deployment

    Thanks Felix thats great news.. heres the screws painted
  5. Ninjabiscuit

    *DONE* TD-73511 requesting deployment

    Thanks Felice I stencilled the tube stripes and they looked too mechanical so I've redone them free hand. i will tidy them up when they are fully cured. thanks for all your support brothers
  6. Ninjabiscuit

    *DONE* TD-73511 requesting deployment

    Thanks lovemonkey Looking forward to any advice needed. Clive
  7. Ninjabiscuit

    *DONE* TD-73511 requesting deployment

    Great stuff.. I will get those sorted tomorrow.
  8. TD-73511 requesting Deployment Name: Clive Barzillia 501st Member Profile Page: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16665 Forum name: ninjabiscuit Garrison: UK garrison UKG here goes.. Full front: Right side: Right side arms raise: Full Back: Left side: Left side arms raised: Pack close up: Action shoot dlt: Action shot e11: Weapons: Lids off:
  9. Ninjabiscuit

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hello I thought I would finally sign up I'm a UKG TK armourer and I run the Imperial Supply Depo. Glad to be on board troopers