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  1. I have seen in other groups that you get a promotion of sorts for every certain number of troops you do (ie your first 10 troops you get a title, etc etc.) I havent seen anything like that on here. Are there any? Thanks
  2. 2015: 1: 11/16: Natchitoches Gamestop Star Wars Battlefront release event. Roughly 100 there for event. 2: 12/5: Natchitoches Christmas Fest Parade. Estimated 100,000 spectators. $250.00 raised for food bank. HUGE success and they demand our return next year 3: 12/12: Natchitoches Star Wars in the Park (CASA fundraiser). Estimated 50 participants. $1,631.00 raised for CASA's neglected foster children. Tons of local publicity in news paper and radio.
  3. Eddie Harrington TD 50029 Sandtrooper section and 501st section. Thank you 501st profile
  4. well crap. Says all other are too big to upload. ugh!
  5. I just submitted my application to the Bast Alpha Garrison (Louisiana). Here are my pics. Unfortunately one is too blurry
  6. Is one more screen accurate than the other? Or are they basically the exact same other than the elastic band? Also, does that elastic band make a huge difference?
  7. After much much searching on this forum I cannot come to a conclusion if trooperbay's pauldrons are a great product. I have seen so many say trooper1, and then also see where people say they have both and recommend both. I want to order ASAP, and want it quick, and trooperbay already has them ready. I have contact trooper1 and have heard nothing. So, does anyone have a trooperbay? How is it? Is it just basic or swat level too? Thanks
  8. At the moment I have no interest in going police officer or swat. What is the benefits? Bragging rights? As for holster, if may not be canon, but it makes sense for them to have it more than not I mean come on, what sheriff in the wild west didnt have a gun holster!? haha
  9. Thanks. And a side question, do you have to have a backpack in order to wear the ammo pouch you have in your picture? Someone told me in order to wear that you you do, but that didnt sound right
  10. Can a sandtrooper carry a E-11 holster? I ask because I cant find any information on this, and do not see it listed in the costume reference library. Thanks for any help.
  11. Can anyone please recommend a black under suit, a black pauldron and a neck seal that they know is of great quality and works great. I have seen tons of different ones and tons of different comments that they dont work, are bad, etc etc. It is overwhelming trying to find the right things and I truly need assistance. Thanks in advance
  12. Greetings. I am new and hoping to be joining within the next couple of months. I have my armor all done and my E-11, now I need the ammo pouches and the pauldron, any help getting these? I have seen so many different ones and just am getting overwhelmed. Thanks for any help!
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