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  1. Thank's for all the suggestion guys I'll try some of the techniques on a spare bit and see which one works.
  2. Hey folks. So working on the TD,And i think i am almost done done to join the 501st. But currently i am not happy with my weathering. I used just acrylic and alot of black oil like acrylic rather then a sandy look. I have seen a few sandys here in the U.K who have great weathering with Fuller's Earth,My current problem is that i don't know much about the fuller's earth in the uk,As i saw american videos that have dark browns,sandy and grey colours. So if anyone knows where to get these kinds of coloured fullers earth it would help alot but I have been thinking of alternitives,As i am currently living in a island in scotland and we have many amazing beaches here (Already planning some good photos in the near future,currently in the western isle/stornoway). And i thought maybe i could collect some sand tommorrow,re-spray my armour white with Appliance paint and work with real beach sand,acrylics and possibly even order some black sand from the internet. I was just wondering has anyone tried this?. Thanks a bunch guys (p.s just a photo of my armour currently,i know the arm is funny looking,it's a w.i.p but just to show i think i can do much better on the weathering on it) http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah118/Ruaraidh_Mitchell/Sandtrooper/stormtrooper%201_9_zpssdvuxbcv.jpg
  3. Just an update on the cracks. So i have a little bit of slrruy where and i just went ahed and put down some fiberglass tape and started filling up the crack. I'm just working on the worst one at the moemnt to see how it go's. And so far so good,It's drying up nicely.Currently waiting for it to dry enough to put on a second coat. http://postimg.org/image/nts8z3tv5/e2c87abc/
  4. redking1


    Helps a ton! thanks! brilliant i should be able to apply for P.O very soon. I just posted a w.i.p form on the local garrison page and now being assigned an armourer to help me. Going to be a busy few weekends i think :')
  5. redking1


    Hey folks. So i thought i might as well post here too considering i'm not sure if i will get an answer on the form i posted on the UKG. (31 views and 0 replies) I am currently getting my kit to level 3 requirements. But that will take a few more weekends,Time to get ready. I should hit level 1 requirements by this coming week. My question is should i start my submission when i think it's ready for Level 1 requirements? Or should i wait till i get everything at least level 3 requirements? Either way beyond excited and i will be applying for police officer as soon as i hit level 3 . (Which one last question how do then apply form level 1 to 3 if i do it this way) (P.s i do understand the thigh ammo part and Sniper knee plate is on the wrong side,It's been fixed as well as i am working on a repaint and dirty boots/Pauldren)
  6. Thanks man Deffo getting some on order.
  7. I have heard of this "slurry" before but haven't actually looked into it until i found a youtube vid about it,Pretty sure it will work for the cracks! Thanks a ton,And i'll try the sandpaper and wetsand. Never again will i rush anything with my kit lol. Thanks a ton
  8. Hey folks! So i hope to finally get my application going for the 501st/UKG this month/next. And one of the last few problems i have is Armour damage. So sadly i got a few armour cracks from trooping/traveling and not being able to find a suitable place to keep my armour (Getting a Mannquinn soon for display/Organisation) I have tried a few things,Like putting E6000 on a white bit from an old shirt,and gluing it down,The crack wouldent stay flush. I have also tried putting a spare bit of ABS on the back and yet again woulden't stay flush. I have considered just using the white bit from an old shirt again as some back support,And use Bondo to fill the cracks and sand it down. But i haven't found anyone who has done that idea yet,I was wondering if anyone can help me about this? Crack on the lower cod piece is the most damaged,There are a few cracks on the under of my helmet/cheek but this is how it looks. http://postimg.org/image/gdps9fuwx/ And my last question i hope to get some unwanted paint marks off (the acrlyic sorta created these "lines" from my stupidity with the paint and bring a quick rush job,Which i now know never rush anything with the armour) But if anyone has used a simple electric sander on the armour to get rid of acrylic paint,If it would be okay to use it on the armour? Thanks. Rue~
  9. glad to know i'm not the only one :'). I might get new pouches for the future but for now these ones will do,it came with the kit for the sandtrooper from R.S Prop masters.
  10. As you said that i already cutt one of the loops to re-install tomorrow,Turns out they where probably supposed to be for the backpack,Will look better on my sides anyway thank's.
  11. Ah okay,thank's very much i just thought for a bit it might be a certain way to wear them like Molle-pouches. Thanks
  12. Hey folks so i recently got the last items for my sandtrooper. All i need left to do is create the shims on the sides and redo the strapping and i should be applying to my local garison. My problem is the odd loops i got on the side pouches,i can't figure out how it feeds on to my belt,or if i have to take them off and re-sew them. Any help? Thanks.
  13. Oh i see,Thank's a ton!
  14. Thank's! Look's fantastic,Gonna get them ordered But how is the chest really strapped to the Ab plate? I have had to many times the ab plate go's way too high and you can see the undersuit.
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