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  1. chemical gloves.

    Need help I need top get some gloves is trooperbay gloves got to get for swat?
  2. December pouch orders

    Thanks I will get back with you.
  3. MEPD 2015: A FEW GOOD MEN

    I don't know how can I help but I am here! I am new on this! As for the moment I am working on my armor. But u guys need help with designs (Graphics) for anything, been doing this for 20 plus years. Right now I design sports t-shirts for under armor, Adidas, nike and others, so If u need help on things like I also will like to offer my help.
  4. 501st Legion And Detachment Forum Rules

    Great Thank You!!!
  5. Where do I find this trooper1. I am new on this Heeeeeeelpppppp!
  6. trooperbay pauldron

    Where can I find trooper1
  7. trooperbay v trooper1

    Sorry guys new on this who is trooper1 I only know trooperbay.