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  1. Can't wait to get them, Now all I need is the shirt.
  2. Congrats my friend, Their was no doubt.....See you in the dunes.
  3. Love the weathering and great blasters...good luck friend.
  4. You should be a shoe in my friend......good luck and see you in the front line.
  5. Awesome armor and great weathering...See you on the front lines brother.
  6. I agree with all , You need to work on making the back pack more accurate, The weathering is great and you need to lift the belt up. Gordonator helped me with my back pack items and it worked out great for me. And I believe Baron could assist you with the knob kits. Other then that I hope to see you in the dunes soon. Good Luck!
  7. Awesome sand, good work. Good luck friend .If you download PHOTOBUCKET....Once Photobucket is downloaded you will see an option to upload photos, Upload the photos you want to submit then once they are uploaded Pick the first photo you want to submit after it appears you will see to your right 4 options 1. Email 2. Direct 3.HTML 4 IMG ( pick this option) Right Click inside the box and it will say Copied Take that first photo and paste it into your reply box. I hope this helps brother as I had the same situation... Good Luck and see you on the front lines soon. Rick TD-82160 Shadowfax821
  8. That looks awesome friend you did a great job on the tone down.
  9. I agree with all that it should be toned down some. a little sand goes along way. Believe it or not when I did mine the first time its was a little dirtier then expected that people actually didn't want to come close to take photos thinking they would get some dirt on themselves...lol
  10. Looking good trooper..see you in the dunes, good luck.
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