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  1. Thank you Felix! Im verry happy and proud also to become one of the the SWAT team, as the first female thanks thanks thanks Sarah
  2. Hey here I am again, and I after my Son was born I found a few minutes to go on here Here are the requestet changes. Thank you And Greetings Sarah
  3. Sure, but i Know just this fiew, This is My version with Big pouches and DLT-19 This is the different version: Bye Sarah
  4. TD-18987 Requesting SWAT Deployment Name: Sarah Wolff Legion ID #: TD-18987 Forum Name: Little Skywalker Garrison: German Garrision Size: 167cm Weight: 48Kilo┬┤s Applying for: No Rank "Paultronless" Trooper Docking Bay 94 V1 Police Officer Armor: Movie FX Helmet: TrooperMaster Boots: Jodhpurs Handguards: Sonnenschein Latex Blaster: DLT19 Thank you and bye Sarah!
  5. Congrats Rob! Really great armor! One thing I liked the wooden stok too, Im shure there where both versions of it wood and Bakelite.
  6. Hey, thanks alot! I happy I can find the mepd again Here are the requested pics: bye Sarah
  7. Your Name: Sarah Wolff Your 501st TD ID: TD-18987 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15090 Your MEPD forum name: Little Skywalker Your Garrison: German Garrison Thank you and bye Sarah
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