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  1. aramis

    Aramis' Move Along - Pack #3 - Build...

    Quick question: If my aim is a SWAT-level build, is it OK to make things custom as long as they aren't seen? For example, can I put an opening or a hatch through the seed trays and into the back of the radio...for access to a battery, etc.? The opening would be invisible when the pack is worn, as it would be against my back. Is that type of thing OK?
  2. aramis

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Mine is also the Karrimor Tote-em, and it does have the \___/ shaped bottom. They might not all be that way, though. However, I do notice that the all the mounting holes provided for the top bar, even the lowest one, make the frame taller than the one Strider shows in his build thread. Everything else looks the same as his, though. I'll likely drill a new set of holes so I can mount that top bar lower, so that I can cut the frame down to his height.
  3. aramis

    Aramis' Move Along - Pack #3 - Build...

    Perfect, thank you!
  4. Hi all, I think I finally have the "right" stuff to begin a build, after several false starts the past few years...it's uncanny how life keeps getting in the way of me building things. But, I think in this case that's a good thing as I have even more accurate parts now. Here's what I'm starting with, please let me know if any of this is wrong. My goal is to aim for a SWAT-level build quality, even if I don't take it that far...but my general approach is to do things the slow, right way, once. That probably explains why my R2 took 5 years to build, but oh well... Anyway, I currently have: - a real Karrimor frame (I think it's a bit tall, but I plan on making new holes to mount the single top bar even lower to match Strider's build when I cut it down) - a Woodman radio - Woodman vac-formed trays - real plunger mushroom caps - approx. 4.5" diameter tupperware lid - Lion Star canteen from m4vrick (which arrived in 2 weeks flat from Indonesia, not too shabby...and it looks awesome!) - black ABS pipe w/ 60.5mm (2.38") diameter...I'm hoping that's OK - crashmann 7-rib detonator plate and end caps - crashmann toilet cistern - Brexton flange-style lunch box I'll get some pictures up soon, but if any of that sounds blatantly wrong for SWAT, please let me know! Also, what's the consensus on radio dial / label visibility? I have some screenshots that show radio dials visible in the alleyway and Garindan scenes...but not specifically in the "move along" scene. Does SWAT need evidence from the exact scene being replicated, or evidence of the particular pack being replicated (knowing that only a few packs exist and therefore were used in multiple scenes)? Thanks!
  5. aramis

    Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Hi, can you please provide the "height" of your exhaust port block? Your picture showed the "length" as 13cm and the "width" as 5.5cm...I'm modeling one to 3d print and wanted to try to match your dimensions. Also, if you had the length and diameter of your capacitors that would be great too. Apologies if you posted these dimensions already and I missed them. Thanks for sharing, you've given me something great to shoot for as I finally start building!