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  1. Thanks guys I am trying diffrent paint's with this suit & also trying new things maybe I should make a new tutorial. I will be sure to post more pictures as i go along. The armor this time is FX with uh Well i don't know who made the helmet this time. It isn't signed, so I have no clue of the maker.
  2. A little something I'm working on at the moment.
  3. Here is some pictures of a suit i just finished painting up. I tried some new things also adding the color black to the mix.
  4. All the info you need is here bro http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=4973
  5. Stukatrooper your stuff looks amazing as always. Love the new armor FBJ I hope to get my hands on a TM soon myself I have spider-mans luck but not the powers scootch Started Working on Wolverine movie style claws yesterday. current=DSC02220.jpg Changed my mind now doing hybrid movie/comic book style still a WIP. Just finished this helmet now the body is next.
  6. I'm a Jack of all trades Master of none
  7. I also plan on making Wolverine movie & comic book style claws. Also some spidey movie gear, heres a peak I'll snap a new screen cap up the updated suit a lil later. Also thanks guys its always nice to know someone likes the stuff I do.
  8. Sci-fire is taking orders for pauldrons? And I am painting a suit for someone
  9. Wow great turn out! FCBD was dead in my area <_<
  10. Your off to a great start! Weathering is tricky but gets easy with time and practice Its always amazes me to hear I "inspired" someone I am honored!
  11. Looks amazing any shots of a radio on one of the MH/SB packs so we can get an idea of how well it will fit?
  12. I don't see the hook on the left bicep in the top 2 pictures only the hook on the right bicep. And if you look at the bottom picture the hook on the right bicep is gone. But you can see the hook on the left. Now could this Be just something used only for those scenes? Or did the right bicep hook prove unsuccessful and they tried something diffrent for the left? Also If you look at the hallway scene with Luke & Han breaking out Liea. The Infamous missing shoulder bell on lukes armor I don't recall seeing hooks.
  13. Looks great! way more work then i put into my pack.lol
  14. The first battlefront had a HWT, Pretty much was a sandtrooper. But the developers where to lazy to go all the way. So really it was a TK Skin with a backpack and a chest pouch also what appears to be a bazooka instead of the MG34 ect...
  15. Thanks for being around man! The rest of the group left me for DEAD! surround by children & Parents I couldn't even see the rest of the garrison Missed out on the group photo no one came and saved me from the masses. I'll Be at the con, Not sure if I should go Sandy with you Or heavy weapons trooper as a goof
  16. I don't share Many of my trooping pictures.... Because for some reason I am the least photographed member of my garrison LOL So here are 3 shots 2 with me in my sandy gear.....No weapons State building you guys know how it is. Pete & I
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