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  1. Thanks guys I am trying diffrent paint's with this suit & also trying new things maybe I should make a new tutorial. I will be sure to post more pictures as i go along. The armor this time is FX with uh Well i don't know who made the helmet this time. It isn't signed, so I have no clue of the maker.
  2. A little something I'm working on at the moment.
  3. Here is some pictures of a suit i just finished painting up. I tried some new things also adding the color black to the mix.
  4. All the info you need is here bro http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=4973
  5. Stukatrooper your stuff looks amazing as always. Love the new armor FBJ I hope to get my hands on a TM soon myself I have spider-mans luck but not the powers scootch Started Working on Wolverine movie style claws yesterday. current=DSC02220.jpg Changed my mind now doing hybrid movie/comic book style still a WIP. Just finished this helmet now the body is next.
  6. I'm a Jack of all trades Master of none
  7. I also plan on making Wolverine movie & comic book style claws. Also some spidey movie gear, heres a peak I'll snap a new screen cap up the updated suit a lil later. Also thanks guys its always nice to know someone likes the stuff I do.
  8. Sci-fire is taking orders for pauldrons? And I am painting a suit for someone
  9. Wow great turn out! FCBD was dead in my area <_<
  10. Your off to a great start! Weathering is tricky but gets easy with time and practice Its always amazes me to hear I "inspired" someone I am honored!
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