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  1. To preserve to look, I'd drill 2 holes to loop the ties through the back.
  2. I used nylon nuts and bolts of the right length. 2 on the upright and 1 on the chamber. But cable ties will also work.
  3. There is no debate, buddy. We took the measurements, but didn't get every single photo for you to use. Good luck with your 3D model, now let's let Ryan get back to his build after advice. It is his thread after all.
  4. After measuring all dimensions of the Lewis, both myself and Nick agreed that 76mm pipe is the best size for a scratch build. After wrapping to simulate the barrel threads, it would be 79mm. These are the measurements from the actual Lewis; Main Barrel OD 80mm. 3" or 76mm Pipe with the 1.5mm wire wrap gives us 79mm OD, which is within reasonable tolerance for a scratch built T21 76mm pipe in the UK is readily available, so this allows Ryan to get as close to the 80mm OD as he can effectively.
  5. That depends on how close you are to Tunisia '76 standards already. It's possible that you might be able to go for one or more section patches straight away
  6. That is correct Tunisia '76 is all about the accuracy and construction of your Weapons, Armour and Fieldpack. It does not affect anyone's SWAT application, as they can choose that route too if they wish
  7. Fellow Sandy's... TUNISIA '76 and 'The Cantina' Members Club opens in 2 DAYS !!!! Get access to one, get the other one free Click here to access our FaceBook portal > https://www.facebook.com/Tunisia-76-1744626149157726/
  8. Ryan, I might be able to help you out here with some of the colours I used in my build. Apart from primers and wood stain, these are the only things I used .... Are you doing a pipe build or a panda build ? 90mm is way too wide for the barrel, matey. The Lewis is 76mm tapering down to 63mm (3" down to 2.5")
  9. Guys, If you would like access to the group on May 4th, we are filtering all requests through our Facebook page (link above). Thanks, Lee
  10. I wouldn't 3D print that part. It'll be too brittle between the stock and receiver.
  11. That's it, buddy. Iirc there's 2 screws top and bottom. Maybe Nick can remember :/
  12. CAN'T WAIT to show you guys what we've been up to But we have to wait till May 4th before we can open the doors. Waiting for the paint to dry
  13. This is a recessed Tang into the Stock that is part of the twist lock frame. It's cast as part of the larger frame at the receiver end of the stock. The top and bottom of the stock have recessed tangs, but the sides are on top of the stock.
  14. *** LAUNCHING ON MAY 4th **** Brothers and Sisters of the MEPD, We have been working very hard behind the scenes to develop an amazing accreditation scheme, aimed at achieving the ultimate accuracy for Sand Troopers in the areas of Armour, Field Packs and Weaponry. Tunisia '76 has been created by existing SWAT members of the international Sand Trooper community, to assist new members towards attaining the Tunisia '76 Tactical Recognition Flash (TRF). We know that there is a desire for troopers to become the ultimate screen accurate (canon) Sandtrooper, based on the 1976 Starwars 'A New Hope' from the original trilogy. So we have pulled together our resources, references, builds and intricate backlog of information to put together this amazing accreditation. The Tunisia '76 Members Only FaceBook Page and associated tutorials have been carefully constructed to allow you a friendly, clean and professional place to share your progress while you work towards the individual sections and ultimate accreditation. Unlike other related social media, we are heavily moderated and constantly monitored to ensure that you get the best experience from your engagement with us. We guarantee your integrity with our network of helpful and professional, individually assigned Instructors. So what is the Tunisia 76' accreditation ? It's simple really. We absolutely want you to be the best ANH Sandtrooper you can be, with your Armour, Weapons and Field Pack. We have set a minimum standard of accuracy across all of these areas which can be achieved once all of the criteria have been evidenced and approved. While we are happy to help newcomers to our hobby with their costume builds, we stipulate that anyone looking to achieve the Tunisia 76' accreditation must be at least certified as an active PO with the MEPD (Our MER - Minimum Entry Requirement). Access to Tunisia '76 is open to EVERYONE. You can use our references, detailed photographs, links to exact parts and detailed tutorials to help you towards each section. But you will only be able to progress towards your accreditation (and be assigned a personal Instructor), once the minimum entry requirements have been met. ​We even have a dedicated store coming soon, to purchase specific related items that are extremely hard to find ! We are not an alternative for MEPD SWAT accreditation. You can still work towards that if you desire and we have made sure that our standards do not conflict with those criteria already set by our brothers in the MEPD. Our award system is available internationally and can be successfully achieved by anyone that satisfies the criteria. You can choose to progress towards one, two or all three sections at any time. Only once all three sections have been completed, will you qualify for the full Tunisia '76 Accreditation. By successfully achieving the Tunisia '76 accreditation for your Sandtrooper, you will be one of the most accurate representations the costuming community has to offer. We are here to support you, help you through the build processes with step by step assistance in an effort to help you become one of us. This is how you will progress through the scheme.... Want to be a part of the Tunisia '76 ? Send us a message to be added to our Members Only FaceBook Group from May 4th, and get access to an amazing selection of reference material and detailed tutorials. Or click here to access our FaceBook portal > https://www.facebook.com/Tunisia-76-1744626149157726/ Looking forward to seeing you there ! .... THE TUNISIA '76 TEAM
  15. This is great ! Excellent work, dude. Hopefully we can start to really increase the accuracy on T21's now
  16. Just to be 100% on this, here's a photograph of all the Lewis Barrel internals. At the top, you're seeing the bottom of the main barrel with missing fins
  17. BTW, I only know this since someone pointed out that I didn't do it on mine
  18. If you wanted to be a bit more accurate, there's 18 fins in total. But the bottom 3 fins are missing to allow for the Gas return barrel.
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