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  1. This would have to be done by our DL on the main forums. @Punisha
  2. @Saifai @IcyTrooper access granted, welcome!
  3. @EQUUSPOLO @Davin Karr Access granted, welcome!
  4. @Baron77, access updated, welcome to the sandbox!
  5. @Wolfpack72 and @TxuTxi, access granted, welcome!
  6. Congratulations to @MrFlavaFlavefor reaching 25 troops and being the first roughneck award of 2020. Keep up the good work!
  7. @ISBEARaccess updated, welcome to the sandbox!
  8. @Waynocerousaccess granted, welcome to the sandbox!
  9. @Waynocerous that link is locked (needs a username/password that I don't have). Could you link your profile from 501st.com? Thanks
  10. @giskard8access granted, welcome! Sorry for the delay over the holidays.
  11. Congratulations to @cktrooperfor reaching 50 troops! Keep up the hard work, you did 25 really quickly!
  12. @SkulShurtugalTCGaccess updated, welcome to the sandbox!
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