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  1. Awesome, thank you. I'll be at Salt Lake Comic Con for the next few days, so I'll have time next week
  2. Awesome, thanks. The more plain, neutral background you can use the better and easier it will be to photoshop.
  3. So I used Magmatrooper's already photoshopped pictures for the main display picture but they weren't the best quality. We just need s higher quality front and back of whoever will be our model. I did look at the ones you sent me but there are rebel kill markers on the back of the helmet, I wasn't sure if we could use them with those stickers
  4. Can anyone provide some better pictures to use? The ones provided are the clearest. I think this is one of the last things we are waiting for
  5. Asher, I'd be interested in seeing your work. Don't use photobucket, I hate their website. Probably easier to use Flickr or imgur.
  6. Those are awesome pictures, well done!
  7. Access granted, welcome!
  8. Okay everyone, I've put in some time and I've updated the CRL. I hope I haven't missed anything so please look through it all and let me know. I'm totally open to whatever suggestions you all have. I also changed some items so it would represent the MEPD and not FISD. Since I don't have access to the Legion CRL site, I had to again do this in Word. Here is the link - A few other items I don't want to miss: 1. For CrookKnight or anyone else who has a pack or worked on a pack, any suggestions you can make for that section would be helpful. 2. The pictures provided by Magmatrooper are pretty good. Can't wait to see you approved in this costume brother. That being said, the photoshopping wasn't the best. If anyone has better photoshopped pictures or can help, I would appreciate it as I don't have those skills. 3. For me personally, I don't think we need anymore prefixes. Not only here, but Legion wide as well. We already have a ton. If we can fit a new costume into a pre-existing prefix, that makes the most sense to me. And I love being a TD, so all these new costumes should be that as well right :wink:
  9. Nice looking kit, good luck!
  10. Agreed, I've used snaps and they hold up great, even after close to 60 troops in my armor. I used snap plates (snaps placed into nylon webbing) and then gluing the nylon onto the armor. That way I don't have to drill into the armor and I can removed the snap plates if needed. I use E6000 to glue the snap plates down.
  11. Here are the issues that I see that still need to be fixed. Since this is already uploaded to the Legion site I'll just make note of the fixes here instead of redoing the whole CRL. I do have the information for the backpack and some pictures from CrookKnight. Who do we need to get these pictures and information to so the preliminary CRL can be updated? - I think this comes from the Battlefront series, so maybe removed the "Battlefront II" and just go with "Battlefront" - Also make sure it's clear for level 1 in black that either ANH or RotJ armor can be used. That way it's clear both are okay. Maybe even add a small note at the top stating this and then clarifying that RotJ armor will be required for levels 2 and 3. MAIN PICTURE - Obviously the main picture needs to be updated. - The 501st logo needs to be replaced with the MEPD logo HELMET - Again make sure that the details for the ANH option are added. - Add a line for the hose attachment to the vocoder. SHOULDER STRAPS - Change picture. From the reference shot I've seen it appears that there are no ribbed shoulder straps but is empty like the classic Sandtrooper. KIDNEY AND POSTERIOR ARMOR - Make a note that it can be separated if using ANH armor SPLATS - Needs a picture BACKPACK - Should be required and not optional - Picture and details need to be updated
  12. I don't seem to have access to your Garrison site. Can you link to your profile?
  13. t21

    Well done, can't wait to see it with your full kit.
  14. So the troop where it was going to debut was a no-blaster allowed event. Didn't find that out until I got there. So the debut will have to wait a few weeks until another event.