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  2. I made a post on FISD asking for anyone to be a CRL model, for those who may have the pack. I haven't gotten much of a response.
  3. 59th Arrest - Battlefront 2 Release Event, November 17, 2017
  4. Access granted, welcome!
  5. Just a quick update for everyone. The LMO reviewed the CRL and requested a few changes be made, including a few picture updates on the individual pieces. We are working on getting those changes made and then resubmitting to the LMO team. Thank you for your patience, I hope Command Staff can have this done soon.
  6. TD-18542 and TB-99000 decide to switch blasters TD-18542 finally finds that pesky droid
  7. Thanks for the link to the CRL. I'm getting started on it now. Is there anyone with Rogue 1 armor and a pack that could be our model?
  8. Access granted, congrats!
  9. From what I understand the CRL is being reviewed by the LMO team, so all we can do is wait for them to finish and then approve it.
  10. I'd like to take a quick moment and thank everyone for their hardwork in getting this CRL done. I'm excited to see a few of you already have this armor complete and ready to be approved. You guys will be the first in a long line of awesome costumes. I'm super excited that this costume will be joining our detachment.
  11. Welcome aboard HappyTrooper!
  12. Awesome, thanks for the pictures everyone.
  13. Thanks for the awesome videos and templates. These are a blast to make.