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  1. Can you post a link to your 501st profile so we can verify? Thanks.
  2. That would be awesome, you could be our CRL model!
  3. Looking good bro!
  4. access granted, welcome!
  5. Awesome read, I can't wait for the new CRLs
  6. All requests have been granted. Welcome!
  7. I used ABS pipe from Lowe's (I don't remember the diameter so I'd have to look). I also bought PVC caps to go on top. For the blue canteen, I bought corner braces from Lowe's and then E6000 glued them to the seed tray. I then used a screw to attach the canteen to the brace.
  8. Awesome, now you just need that pack!
  9. Welcome! You might try a custom order with imperial boots. I've enjoyed their boots
  10. Access granted, welcome!
  11. Awesome!
  12. Congrats!
  13. I used a children vitamin bottle
  14. Very good looking kit. 2 things stuck out to me. 1, your blue bottle on the pack attached to the siphon looks really long, you might need to change it to something more accurate. 2, are your helmets stripes decals? They look very uniform, so make sure they are hand painted. Other than that you have a really nice submission.