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  1. Sac

    Workable or not?

    No problem thanks for the info guys. I won't bother wasting any time on it then.
  2. Sac

    Workable or not?

    This is a bit embarrassing for my first post but I'm hoping I can get an opinion that might save me doing a heap of work for nothing. I bought this last year from a friend of one our local guys. It's apparently an FX recast. I realise that straight up I'd need to either do a heap of modification to the abdominal plate or more likely just get a whole new one. So I suppose my question is, is this stuff workable at all as a TD or would I have to do so much work to it that I'd just be better off buying a new set? (I realise the FX helmets aren't approvable anymore but I don't have a helmet yet anyway). If the other parts of the armour are ok, is getting a new ab plate to match going to be an issue (aside from colour matching)? Or have I got myself a lot of expensive shimming and bogging material? (Let me know if you need more detailed pictures and I'll pull it out of the box again). Thanks