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  1. Baseball Rubbing Mud Method?

    I reached out to Rick via email on his method, here’s his response for anyone interested: “Just rubbed it on the whole thing, then wiped it off in different pressures. Kind of like reverse painting.”
  2. Baseball Rubbing Mud Method?

    Getting close (after about 2 years ) to finished, and have turned my attention to weathering methods. I know Rick (DirtyBoy) is a proponent of the baseball rubbing mud, but he hasn’t been on the forum since November. It may sound silly, but does anyone else use the mud, and have tips or instructions on how to apply it? Thanks!
  3. kidney plate notches

    Bringing this topic back, after a year, rather than start a new one. Is the notch required for PO or SWAT, even if I don't need to shim, and my kidney and butt don't need to be trimmed back? Working with AM 2.0 armor, for reference. Putting in the strapping brackets now, and it got me thinking. Thanks!
  4. Getting a Phishing Warning

    Hoping this helps track down the issue... Just logged in from home on my Windows10 laptop using Firefox, and got the phishing warning for the first time on this device.
  5. Getting a Phishing Warning

    Just started having the problem today, and only on this site (not happening on FISD or Garrison Carida's forum). Tried the non-mobile theme, and getting it there as well. Really kinda weird...and annoying.
  6. Getting a Phishing Warning

    Just an FYI to the powers that be... I keep getting a phishing warning when browsing the site on my iPhone 5s, using the mobile theme on Safari, and going through wifi. I reported it as an error to Google, but wanted to make you aware of the possible issue. Chris
  7. Beware...Noob questions ahead! You've been warned!

    Airborne Tooper, thanks for the info. I ended up with a set of Joe's handguards, and just ordered a second set as I've changed plans, and now intend to do the Road Block captain. One question is, what is more accurate: a white or off-white canvas belt? Does it matter?
  8. Hey all, If you're still reading, I appreciate it. I'm hopefully going to put a bunch of noob questions in one post to try and spare you all. I've been reading here and FISD over the weekend, and it's all starting to run together a bit. As I mentioned in the Introduction thread, I'm finally ready to move forward with a TD build, and shooting ultimately for SWAT level...and planning to model it after the Cantina Version Captain. I contacted Rob over at RT-Mod for a suit of armor and helmet, but he's anticipating a mid-2017 delivery for new orders. As I'm larger than the typical UK actor circa 1976, (I'm 6', about 225#, 44 chest and 36-38 waist and a 7-5/8 hat), I'm considering other options while I wait. I've read the post about armor types/makers at FISD, but granted it's a bit confusing for someone just coming in, and I don't know how current that information actually is. In the meantime, I'd like to get ordering some of the other items. I've got a pair of TKBoots on their way already. I've got a PM into trooper1 regarding a pauldron (i'm not able to post/reply in the market place as yet). I've been looking at some of the items trooperbay has listed: Gloves and flexible handguards (Karin isn't making them anymore) Black undersuit Neck seal Are his items good enough for SWAT level? Anything to stay away from? And speaking of SWAT, are the Hyperfirm DL-19's good to go out of the box? That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. Thougts, suggestions, tips, tricks, and assistance greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading this far! Chris
  9. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hello all, My name is Chris, and I'm from Philadelphia. I joined the forum about a year ago, but finally have the time and finances (I hope ) to pursue SWAT level...and Rebel scum. I'll gladly accept any advice and assistance on where to get started. I've kinda perused the forum the last day or so, and also joined over at whitearmor.net to be able to do research there. Feel free to PM me if you have anything to share, especially if you're local to Philly. Thanks for reading! Chris