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  1. Forgot to post my last troop... #3 Keystone ComiCon 9/14/18
  2. I used the same technique on the belt as I did everything else. Natural sponge with burnt umber. Dabbed it on and wiped off (Pandatrooper’s method). I made sure to leave some open spots so it wouldn’t be a “uniform” color.
  3. 22x22. It should be covered by the belt, anyway.
  4. I believe it’s the red. That’s what I did, anyway.
  5. Personally, I like the one on the left. The one on the right looks like a Mimban Trooper.
  6. Obviously, you need to be happy with it, but I think it looks great! I used Pandatrooper’s method too, but only did the burnt umber. I was concerned how it looked, but once I was done I was very happy with it. My Sandy is my go-to costume now because it’s so badass.
  7. Agreed. A run of patches and flashes (and racing shirts ) would be great. A logo for deployed Police Officers (like SWAT) would be nice, too.
  8. It’s styled after a US Army beret flash. Not sure when the run was done (well before I joined), but I was fortunate that Gordon had a used one to sell.
  9. Just got this back from having the patches sewn on. Thanks to @Gordonator for the flash.
  10. #2 - Collegeville, PA - Solo Premiere - 05/26/2018
  11. #1 - Exton, PA - Solo Premiere - 05/25/2018
  12. I use imgur, but the upside (don’t know for how long) is that all the images taken hostage have been freed, making old threads “usable” again.
  13. Might be the photo only, or maybe just me, but the face looks incredibly narrow. The dome height just accentuates that look.
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