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  1. BadBatch

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (65 Arrests)

    Thanks, mate! It was a lot of work in a very short amount of time. I actually ended up getting nominated for, and being awarded, trooper of the month for my part in making that wish come true. It's so awesome to see her out and about and doing well (she was feeling quite poorly when we met her about a year and a half ago at the local Children's Hospital). This was her mom's post shortly after the Wish day.
  2. BadBatch

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (65 Arrests)

    Troop #65 Date: 13 OCT, 2018 What: Falls Library Comic Fest Location: Menomonee Falls Public Library, Menomonee Falls, WI And a little fun with their green screen. 40-some-odd years later and I still can't find any blasted droids.
  3. BadBatch

    Boots won't fit under armor

    The other option you could try is getting a black pair of Chelsea boots and painting them with leather paint https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M0GZZCQ/?coliid=I1DE7998E7CO2B&colid=3SK1ZUA6XW4PX&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/Angelus-Acrylic-Leather-Paint-White/dp/B0196T961O/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1539014249&sr=1-1-spell&nodeID=7141123011&psd=1&keywords=angelious+leather+paint+white
  4. BadBatch

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (65 Arrests)

    Troop #64 Date: 06 OCT, 2018 What: Sci Fi Family Day Location: Discovery World, Milwaukee, WI With our littlest superfan, our Make A Wish trooper Sabine with GA CKOR-1701 as Kylo Ren
  5. BadBatch

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (65 Arrests)

    Troop #63 Date: 22 SEPT, 2018 What: Party on the Pavement Location: Downtown Racine, Wisconsin With GA CKOR-1701 as a DW Mando
  6. BadBatch

    Hockey jersey interest thread access

    Yes, it is going to be an MEPD only item, apparently. So it was moved from 501st to MEPD only.
  7. BadBatch

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (65 Arrests)

    Troop #62 Date: 25 August, 2018 What: Walk for Wishes MKE Location: Henry Maier Festival Grounds, Milwaukee, WI With GA CKOR-1701 (Kylo)
  8. BadBatch

    Infos about move along scene

    I'd tend to agree. That said, so much about the first movie was done on the fly it's possible. After all, we couldn't possibly have thought that the sound guy in Tunisia wore tiny pink booty-shorts and nothing else, but there it is.
  9. BadBatch

    Infos about move along scene

    Good catch! I didn't think of that. So we're still back at "maybe". lol
  10. BadBatch

    Infos about move along scene

    You're definitely right about the armor not fitting terribly well, but as to the gaffer's tape- it's EVERYWHERE You can make it out on at least one of the troopers on the left as well on the ankle If I recall correctly (from the book Behind the Armor) the sandie costumes didn't have a solution to the rear closure at first. It was only after they got back to England and Elstree that they came up with the bra-hook closure (which, as we see in the boarding of the Tantive IV, wasn't all that secure either, LOL) You can spot gaffer's tape on the sandies in every scene they're in, including BLACK tape on the arm of the captain (just under the orange pauldron) at the roadblock.
  11. BadBatch

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (65 Arrests)

    Troop #61 Date: 04 August, 2018 What: Quest Con Location: Hedberg Public Library, Janesville, WI Troop #2 of the day
  12. BadBatch

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (65 Arrests)

    Troop #60 Date: 04 August, 2018 Event: Game On Day Location: Marquette University Mall, Milwaukee, WI Troop #60 - with GA CKOR-1701 as DW Mando
  13. BadBatch

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    Gordon, please believe me when I say I'm not trying to belittle your efforts, and I DO understand that we're not the most populous detachment. But I am now a member of 3 different detachments, and I can say with ALL HONESTY that the MEPD easily has the least available merch possible. At any moment I could stroll onto either JRS or Blizzard force and buy patches, coins, or whatever my heart desires (barring racing shirts, which I HATE). For every merch item you listed, let's look at the availability: Desert Fox - (limited) New Costume Coin - exactly where would that be? Because it's not in the 501st merch or Sandie only merch threads. And I'll be deployed to Mos Espa if I can find it on the legion boards. Where is the racing shirt thread? Not on either of the merch threads. (not that I looked harder than a quick glance just now, due to my hating those things) The 10" patch is closed. We've got piles of troopers asking for the basic shield patch, and now the hat "flash". Troopers that have NO detachment swag at all. Maybe we need a 2nd DET Merch officer, or maybe 3 to take care of the Americas, EU/Africa/Asia. Troopers shouldn't have to wait a year or more for the basics. I don't mean to seem harsh here, but seriously.... In my 2.4 yrs in the MEPD I've run one merch thing (MEPD tickets) bought ONE available coin, and ONE available patch. And that one patch was a remainder. I was lucky to get it.
  14. BadBatch

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    lets face fact, we're not talking "constantly" here. There is currently almost no merch available- 10" patch (Closed) Coasters Box Kit (name plates) and a Deployed Only coin. There are a few "interest threads" but that's it. Soooo, two unlimited items, one closed item, and one restricted item. The basics like the shield patch should be pretty much on-tap. We've got troopers who have been members for over a year or more who can't even get a detachment-logo patch. The problem with "there not being merch coming out constantly" is that while some vets may already have all they need, loads of newer troopers don't have anything at all. You want new troopers to stay motivated? You gotta let them represent. Stuff like t-shirts and patches are basics. Nobody is saying we need to have racing shirts for every season, (I despise racing shirts so I'd be the LAST person asking for that- LOL), but our merch dept is a ghost town compared to other detachments.
  15. BadBatch

    TD-17105 "BadBatch" Tour of Duty Log (65 Arrests)

    Troop #59 Date: July 21, 2018 What: Beloit Snappers Star Wars Night Location: Pohlman Field, Beloit, WI with GA CKOR-1701 as a Kylo Ren