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  1. Anovos is making a TD helmet

    I love my Anovos kit (turned mine into my sandie), but that said I'll never order another thing from them. They produce nice stuff but their ordering scheme is such a hot mess.
  2. Stormtroopers Beyond the armor

    It is a fantastic book. It's nice that they got all the design/sculpting info correct as well.
  3. That is brilliant- nicely done! Also makes me think of this cartoon
  4. Dewback Black Series . The Doubt Color Pauldron

    GAH! He's got stripes in his tears too!
  5. Dewback Black Series . The Doubt Color Pauldron

    I was told by somebody AT the show that the pauldron is black, but it sure looks like dirty grey to me.
  6. That stinks. Every time I hear an event is No-Blasters I think: "No blasters, what are we supposed to use, man, harsh language?" I have not having anything to do with my hands.
  7. Woah! This is awesome! I guess a trip to the hardware store is in order.
  8. Photobucket has been circling the drain for years. This is likely going to kill them completely, because nobody in their right mind is going to pay that ridiculous sum for a simple hosting service. Edit- Even more ridiculous- I can't get to my OWN images without turning off my ad blockers. Photobucket is toast.
  9. I just stumbled across this shot I'd never seen before and thought I'd share it. I wish it were a bit larger though.
  10. Ah- sorry! Looking at a zoom-in on the inside of the flap it appears that the "folded" parts of the flap (meaning the front and both sides) are a separate piece from the actual top of the pouch That, or they just seamed the front as it was faster and easier to run the stitch across all three sides than it was to make two separate sets of stitches. Hard to say, really.
  11. You can compare yours against one of the original pouches in this thread
  12. Private - Black Pauldron TD breakdown

    Sorry to post over the top of myself, but weirdly, it appears that our chap in question has his right bicep either cut in an upward scoop on the outside edge, or is wearing it backward. Reference frames 114 & 116 above. Look at the upward arc of the lower outside edge of his bicep plate. That can't be normal, right?
  13. This scene most have been shot before the roadblock scene- or else there were major repairs after the initial shooting. Pack #1 in this shot has both the top cap for the mortar tube as well as the bottom blue/grey bottle under the toilet siphon. Both of which are missing in the roadblock scene. It also appears to be missing the electrical tape that appears in the roadblock scene Tape visible and missing bottle visible Tape and missing top mortar tube cap visible.
  14. Here's the issue I'm dealing with. I finished my pack last month and excitedly took it to my next troop- Only to discover that I'm a bit broad for it the way it's currently set up. I'm currently using 1.5" (3.8cm) wide nylon straps. My problem is that to get the straps where they need to be (outside the chest plate under the shoulder bell elastic) I'm really cutting down on my arm mobility. The pack needs to be fairly snug to ride in the right place on my back but the wide strap is squeezing in on the sides of my chest plate around the bottom of the arm holes, and this resulted in 4-5 small cracks during the 6hr troop. I don't want to go TOO much narrower on the straps as that will probably start cutting into the shoulder, but if I go with a wider, padded strap I'm worried that I'll reduce my arm mobility to basically zero. Any thoughts?