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  1. Hi there, Requesting TD Access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18196&costumeID=124 Thanks,
  2. I checked out the pouch in person and passed on it. It was pretty big compared to what I believe the MP38/40s pouches are and he only had the one.
  3. Just checking in here. I have a line on some MP44 pouches that will need to be modified in color, but are they acceptable? My GML suggested that I ask here.
  4. I use clear hockey tape to set things up. I found it is extremely strong, easy to remove and I can see through it to identify my problem areas. Here are a few pics of my initial sizing efforts. AP on the left, Anovos on the right. Some notes I have from my TK build that I referred back to. Front of thighs are 10mm per side with a 20 mm cover strip. This is a picture of thighs with just the excess trimmed off. You can see the width of the bump compared to the coverstrips. Too big. Here things get a bit better.... Just a preference, but when I was drawing lines and cutting, I tried to remember to pull back the plastic. I figure that a Sandy is going to be beat up a bit on purpose so I don't care if it get scratched. 20mm on the from of the shins as well. Here is some of the strapping I mentioned above....works great for the most part. Test Fit somewhat...have not removed extras from belt yet. (wait for the next section of pictures) I removed the drop boxes from the belt and the holster. Pulled back the canvas on the ammo pouch and glued it with E6000. Will pull aside the threading on the rest of the belt and reinforce it somehow. I figure some MP40 pouches will cover the hole left over by the Anovos Holster design. That's where I am. Feel free to chime in....
  5. Hi all, I've had a chance to work on my Anovos TD over the past couple of days. A couple of questions have come out of my work... 1. Does anyone have a 3D printing file of the sniper plate? 2. The strapping that Anovos has provided....can I use that? I read in a few thread that there was specific strapping requirements but in reading the CRL, I can't find out what the specifics might be? Thanks.
  6. I'll try Photobucket! This is my TK. It is AP. I am EIB. I had thought about converting this armour but I love it too much to dirty it up. The Big Brown Box for my TD. The unveiling Anovos on the Left, AP on the right. It is considerably bigger than my AP. I can't tell about the weight though because of the customization in the AP. The Canvas belt is rotten in my mind. No structure. Maybe once I put it on, it'll be fine but I see it twisting and just being a nuisance compared to my TKittell. After snapping and scoring everything I decided to tape everything right at the scoring lines to see where everything lines up. I like it so far. Matches up fairly decent. Shins Thighs Biceps Forearms The right fits nicely at this point considering the roughness. Certainly not where it has to be. The left is massive. And finally, one of my helpers. This is Keegan. He is 4 and has a Jedi costume that he wears sometimes and helps out when I troop. He's a member of the Galactic Academy. His brother is 6 and has a Jawa costume and a Gonk droid costume. He is also a Galactic Academy member.
  7. Is there a tutorial for uploading pictures? Or should I use an app like Photobucket or Flickr?
  8. I just looked at my Anovos and the kidney armour has the TK notches cut out. I don't see a whole lot of Anovos builds here. What's the word on the notches?
  9. Well, my last post here was in May 2015...That's way too long but guess what arrived today...My big brown Anovos box! I am very much looking forward to joining the ranks of the MEPD. I spent the afternoon and evening trimming it and taping some pieces together to see how they look out of the box. Pretty decent so far. The pieces match up nicely. There are thicker pieces than others but nothing paper thin or worrisome. Now I am a smaller trooper - only 5'6" so many of the fits of the suit are not meant for me. Knowing this, I have always been planning on cutting into the back of my thighs, shins and the inner forearms as I did with my TK in order to be able to bend limbs. It's the only way. At the same time this is going on, I am also building an R2 unit. That's a task, holy moly. I'm thinking of what weathering to use for R2 and now that I am hoping to join the scene on Tatooine, perhaps a Mos Eisley post-restraining bolt paint job is in order. So anyways, I look forward to reading builds and moving forward. My goal for the TD, as long as I can get boots and the soft parts, is to be approved for July 2016. That's the timeline considering family, work, coaching, etc... Now as for questions: 1. Is it safe to assume that cover strips are the same sizes between TD and TK's?
  10. I've got a few connections here on the Island within the Anne industry. You're always welcome to come explore...and bring your armour along as well. Beautiful place for a troop!
  11. Hi everyone, I recently ordered an ANOVOS kit to go along with my 501st approved AP TK. My id # is TK-51978. One of my suits will be used to make a sand trooper and I can't wait to build another costume. I live in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island and I'm a member of the Canadian Garrison. I two sons, One of which is in the Galactic Academy as a Jawa. He is six years old. My three-year-old is soon going to have a Jedi costume. He can't wear the mask yet. My wife loves what we do. Does anybody have any suggestions for me while I wait for the suit to show up? I have an E-11 blaster already. As everyone knows, the Anovos suits were basically purchase sight unseen. I hope it's good. Looking forward to chatting and meeting some of you maybe someday.
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