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  1. I switched out the elastic for a hard strap, and put the shoulder bell strap through it and presto, it hangs in the right place at what I think is the correct angle. Thanks for all your help, guys. You're the best.
  2. It did that to me, too. If BadBatch's advice doesn't pan out, I may just wait until I'm done with the backpack. I appreciate the tips.
  3. I tried that at first, and it pulled my shoulder bell out of alignment. Drooped it about an inch too low. I may have to hard strap it instead of the elastic I have now. Thanks.
  4. Sorry for bringing up an old subject. I'm hoping to be finished and approved for basic trooping before Phoenix Comic Con. I see a lot of pics of Sandys without packs, but still wearing the shoulder pouches. Does anyone here do this? How do you attach the pouch without it hanging off the backpack. I've tried a couple of the suggestions here, and it always hangs off at an angle, instead of vertically like I feel it should. I'm also not thrilled with the idea of drilling into the chest plate. Any pics of it actually attached would be helpful.
  5. Professor Az

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Greetings, I'm Mike from the Jundland Wastes Squad, Dune Sea Garrison. Nice to meet such a fine group of troopers. Been converting my TK into a TD since November, and I'm just now posting. Late for roll call, I know. I have a few more adjustments and I'll be ready to deploy as a Sandy. Hoping for some great tips and tricks on how to get approved.