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  1. So I got all the printed scopes. Will get a photo up of them as soon as I can. It's a lot of parts. Now I have to sort through and get them glued together.
  2. Absolutely Rodrigo. I'm currently waiting for a fellow garrison member to print the files for me. Once I have them, I can get them cleaned up and cast in silicone.
  3. While I slowly finish putting together my Sandtrooper, I decided to build the RT-97C. I'm using the Kotobuki Sergant statue as a reference for my build. I found the single point scope, enfield scope and the muzzle/scope adapter on thingiverse. Check out Straeker over on there. I'm getting a fellow Legion member to print these for me. Now I just need to get some measurements off the statue blaster and scale it up.
  4. Hi I'm Jacob and I'm addicted to Star Wars......wait wrong group. I'm from Garrison Carida, I currently have a Tie Reserve and Crewman. I am almost finished with my Tie helmet and armor. I also have an ESB TK and ESB Fett I am working on. I have a set of Anovos TK armor on order that I want to convert to a Sandtrooper. I'm looking at doing a dewback rider.
  5. Jacob Messmer TI/IC-12686 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17349&costumeID=200 Requesting Access for 501st Section
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