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  1. Wow, amazing Shawn, thanks so much for sharing these, It will help a ton of troopers im sure.
  2. Here is my thread from a while back. Post there and I can add them to the list: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/15017-3d-files-for-field-pack-3d-printing/
  3. Aww that’s too bad man. Maybe down the road you can convert to a SE Sandy!
  4. Thank you Justus for a great run as our DL! Thanks for all the great additions you brought to the detachment during your tenure. It’s been a pleasure serving with you and hope to see you around the forum still! Thanks boss!
  5. I purchased the files for the front end from TKD Props on facebook. I created my stock to matchup with their files.
  6. Just realized I never posted the completed blaster! I will need to get photos asap, I've used it in a few troops, love how light weight it is.
  7. Nice dude! I'm glad the files helped! Looks like its all coming together I can't wait to see more.
  8. Edit: Sorry had to remove the picture, apparently I cannot share them publicly. The base is two vaccuformed pieces riveted together. You can also see the thermos part. These packs, much like the original trilogy, were assembled quickly with found parts.
  9. It will probably have to be custom made, it isn't based on an oil pan like the HWT packs.
  10. Yea your pack is great! go ahead and post. I have found a bunch of found parts that match should anyone want to scratch build. Toilet float ball, Aladdin thermos, Ribbed PVC connectors, etc. Also the base is vaccuformed with pretty soft details. I will post of photos I have found of the actual prop soon! (I just don't have them on my work computer)
  11. ROTJ armor will be needed. The pack was made from found parts and custom vaccuformed pieces. I will get a post together soon of the pieces I have identified.
  12. nothing really, we can't really do anything until someone builds one.
  13. For the special edition trooper you will need the ROTJ armor for sure. There was talk about allowing ANH modified to look like ROTJ, but I think ROTJ should be required since it is pretty clear from screen ref. Though I think you could get away with using some parts from a ANH kit as long as it was constructed and modified to match the ROTJ armor.
  14. Im not sure either, my guess is they were custom built. Material to me looks almost like neoprene. I also think a similar look could be achieved with EVA foam. Its definitely flat. Shouldn't be too hard to make.
  15. Nice work! I would recommend embedding each photo in the post but this is fine for now. Great work with your armor, there are some minor issues but nothing that should impede your approval, and if it does it’s minor adjustments. Though I would recommend a different pauldron. The pauldron should be the puffy leather kind, yours is a bit flat. You may want to do that before approvals, but it’s not specifically called out in the CRL (though it probably should be). Should you want to proceed with higher level approvals there are some changes needed but we can cross that bridge when we get to it! Best of luck!
  16. follow this to embed photos:
  17. I am down for at least 2, one for me and one for @birthdaydino
  18. I am not sure if anyone has modeled that. It might be a fun one to take a stab at. I'll be on the lookout
  19. Thanks for letting us know. We will pass it on to @HappyTrooperDotCom who is looking into it!
  20. The corners of the tray should be rounded off, great start! Looks good! I would recommend a repaint with the battleship gray color in a matte or satin finish. Right now your pack is looking a bit glossy. Also you could get a matte clear coat and spray the entire pack before weathering.
  21. I know Trooperbay has them, but I recommend painting. It is more screen accurate to paint them by hand
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