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    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Alright! Lets get the show rolling on this guy! CRL Development of the Mimban Trooper Armor - R1 style Armor with heavy muddy weathering Bucket - R1 styled bucket but with blast shield similar to the Shoretrooper, gray or brown vocoder? Pauldron - Some variants seem to have orange pauldrons Pack - Appears to be the crystal patrol pack or a variation of it. Similar parts it looks like Cape - Looks to have a cape or poncho. Blaster- We have seen this trooper with a long gun, what looks to be a new e-11 variant like the death trooper blaster. and e-11s Here is a collection of photos/toys/screen ref we have so far. Thank to @mr paul for posting these up on the Mimban Trooper Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/138844483461176/ Feel free to add any new reference and and builds here as we develop this CRL!
  2. henselmonster

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    We should we wrapping up the CRL soon. We have photos ready just finalizing the draft ASAP! More news soon!
  3. henselmonster

    Link doesn't work for me

    Yea, some of our pages are still being transitioned over. Hopefully this will all get fixed soon!
  4. henselmonster

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Woo! Congrats!
  5. henselmonster

    Link doesn't work for me

    http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:MEPD_CRL Here is a listing of all our CRLs!
  6. henselmonster

    Link doesn't work for me

    Thanks for the heads up, we will look into. Must be related to the move to the new server.
  7. henselmonster

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Done and Done! Welcome!
  8. henselmonster

    11B30B4’s RO Crystal Patrol Pack Build

    Glad you posted this over here! You are looking great. A lot of hard work went into this and it shows. Agreed not to beat the dead horse, totally understand why you wouldn't want to dirty up your kit. That is 100% up to you. The rule isn't necessarily only "dirty" stormtroopers come to MEPD, its slightly more complicated but I guess thats an easier generalization. The history of the MEPD is its own thing we won't get into, but where the MEPD is now is a much different place than it was just a few years ago. We are super grateful for the heavy lifting over at FISD for this pack, many of us participated (there or on Facebook). I have held the stance that this pack, while belonging to the MEPD in the form of the Crystal Patrol Trooper, should also be an optional accessory for the R1 troops as a compromise. Now that is not for me to decide and it is only my own personal opinion. The other thing about this pack and the MEPD is we still need a CRL model. We already have one for the Jedha trooper and the new Mimban trooper from Solo, but this one is still eluding us. Should you eventually want to help create this CRL with us we welcome you and have a locker in the MEPD break room with your name on it! FISD and MEPD have worked in tandem for many years, we have a great relationship with the command staff. The new direction for the MEPD was decided by both detachments not too long ago. We are still adjusting to the new expansion of this detachment. While it is our origin, we are no longer just the Sandtrooper detachment. Thank you again for posting this and your progress, it will be incredibly helpful for those pursuing this pack. You did an excellent job!
  9. henselmonster

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Done and done!
  10. henselmonster

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    The good news is that we would love to the make the standard merch (mostly the shield patch) available more often. Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to buy a bunch and make them year round but we are working to get them up here a few times a year. Stay tuned. Best place to find new merchandise postings is going to be on the merch section of the forum, and sometimes on the Legion boards. We don't post them on any other platforms (which is the legion rule that many detachments don't follow). So just check back at least 2 times a month and you shouldn't miss anything.
  11. henselmonster

    trooperbay v trooper1

    I have both! I will try to get a comparison photo up here. Size is pretty comparable. The Trooberbay ones aren't quite as "puffy" as the trooper1 versions. Both are great quality, I just prefer the trooper1 version.
  12. henselmonster

    Craft Foam Pouches

    @Fraulein Hard to say really. The wording is pretty vague, leather or "leather-like" is acceptable. It doesn't specify it its "leather like" in looks alone or feel and weight too. I have seen some really convincing foam that looks just like leather (and metal and other material). In my opinion, if it look just like leather and is convincing enough to not tell the difference in person and in photographs, it should pass. Thats just my personal opinion though, the wording of the CRL is up to the interpretation of the GMLs. I think they could work well as an alternate material for hip pouches, not sure it it would be convincing enough for a shoulder pouch but I'm sure someone out there is skilled enough to prove me wrong.
  13. henselmonster

    Craft Foam Pouches

    I've seen some amazing things done with craft foam. I would love to see detailed shots of the pouches.
  14. henselmonster

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    He does E-11s too, his all aluminum E-11 kit is almost ready to go. He just does his stuff in phases. Sometimes is scopes only, sometimes just dl44 sometimes e-11. But he's joined up on the bapty FB page now and has expressed interest in the bapty variant.
  15. henselmonster

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    Field marshal has expressed interest in making the aluminum parts for a bapty. Hopefully in the next year he can make it, that would be awesome, his work is top notch. The M38s seem to pop up a few at a time. I also recommend looking for the 1942 M40 or 1942 M47, they are identical to the 1942 M38 and are usually cheaper since most are looking for the M38
  16. I have been thinking about carrying around a c3po leg or arm and asking kids if they have seen the rest of the droid anywhere lol.
  17. henselmonster

    PVC Karrimor-style Frame Build

    Advantage is that this makes it more structurally sound too, my first pvc frame fell apart once, that was super fun lol.
  18. henselmonster

    Grey-blue Color for Backpack Parts

    It looks like its probably too blue of a color. Truly it should be gray first, with a hint of blue in certain lighting.
  19. henselmonster

    PVC Karrimor-style Frame Build

    Wow, great work. Really impressive
  20. henselmonster

    Drop boxes on ANH SE Movie Sandtroopers?

    A CRL for this is under development (along with the nearly identical Battlefront 2 Imperial Heavy Trooper) You can find the topics related to this here: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/74-special-edition-armor/ Really we are just waiting for someone with ROTJ armor who wants to make this trooper. In the past the MEPD hasn't embraced these troopers, but times change and we would love to include them in our line up, we just need someone who wants to pull the trigger!
  21. henselmonster

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Yep! We are in development of the CRL. Hopefully we will be able to complete it soon!
  22. henselmonster

    New member, cannot reply to for sale post.

    Just need to post 5 times! Join in on a topic somewhere on the forum and you'll get there in no time.
  23. henselmonster

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Looks amazing @jimmiroquai thanks for sending those photos. These will help a ton!
  24. henselmonster

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome to the sandy side Larissa! If you need any help feel free to reach out. Nice to have more Florida sandies to join the ranks of the Twin Suns Patrol!
  25. henselmonster

    Potential From Florida

    Being from the midwest originally, Chicago is a great city. And the area the convention is in has a lot of great stuff and amazing museums. My sister lives there, I visit frequently. Chicago really isn't that dangerous of a city. Sure it has some really bad areas...but I come from St. Louis, murder capital of the US, and most of it....is not murdery lol. Like any city, avoid the bad parts and you're good. lol. But yea, I will miss having it here in Orlando for sure. I could walk to it from where I live lol.