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  1. Yosh's Build

    Dang!!! That’s some sharp looking armor. Great work!
  2. Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Added an acrylic disc to the radio dial on my radio. It really helps sell it as the real deal. The discs are 60mm and fit perfectly. I didn’t even need to glue it in place (though I might just for security) I also picked up some accurate switches at my electronic surplus store. They were from a radio also built in Hong Kong in the 70s!
  3. TD-10276 Requesting Deployment

    @SCRIBBLER or @Felice whenever either of you have a chance could we get this trooper sorted? Thanks guys!
  4. Show yourself Magma Troopers of the MEPD

    Looking great troop!
  5. Agreed Pack 3. As far as the blaster goes, hard to tell. But the rail does look like it attached to the back sight. And it could just be a weird reflection, but I can almost make out the spring in the back of the Sterling. I think maybe this is a standard E-11. Its possible, this scene was on a sound stage not in Tunisia.
  6. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    It would be great if someone already had one with some Endor battle damage. Then they would just strap on a pack, pauldron, pouches and then they are good to go!
  7. Aramis' Move Along - Pack #3 - Build...

    I have a removable back panel for mine. Like Jason said, as long as you can't see it, its totally fine.
  8. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    It would be great if we could convince one of the ROTJ troopers from FISD to do one. Who else makes ROTJ armor besides TM and CFO? (There is a cheap version on eBay made by Maker of things, but I would avoid that like the plague, cheap flimsy recasts)
  9. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    All I need is some nice CFO armor and I'll do it! Haha. Now, who wants to buy it for me???
  10. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Nice! Welcome to the sandy side!
  11. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    There are so many similarities between this and the Special Edition trooper. I think the biggest differences are the use of the standard Pauldron and the Shoulder pouch. It is also a bit less weathered but it looks like in the game the troopers get dirty during campaigns. So I think any amount of weathering should be passable.
  12. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    Here are some more screen caps of the Heavy Trooper skin. This is the black pauldron version. Some good shots of the pack too.
  13. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    The more reference the better! Screenshot away!
  14. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    Here is an example of the Heavy Trooper details for Tatooine Missions. Still looking for better screenshots, but here is one: Note the grey frown, the tears and traps don't have lines. Looks more like the ANH Sandy bucket. Still has bubble lenses though it seems
  15. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    Borrowing these images from the link above The armor, like the rest of the imperial troopers in BF2 use ROTJ armor. In the game, when the mission is not on Tatooine, the Troopers wear a black Pauldron, looks to be leather and full sized and not the shorter neoprene looking version that the Sandtoopers wear in the special edition. The Heavy troopers also have a ROTJ bucket for these missions. It looks like in the Tatooine Mission however they are given an Orange Pauldron and the painted details on the helmet match more to ANH's style. So maybe in the CRL we should allow both ANH and ROTJ buckets (like we do for the Magma Trooper) Both version of this trooper wear a MP40 shoulder pouch, which the SE troops do not. The pack is also basically the same as the special edition troopers. Also I love the mud and grime on the boots and shins of some of these troopers!