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  1. henselmonster

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Did something scary today. Shortend the siphon down 2cm to match the size of the UP90. Now to deal with the plug thingy above the big cup. Sawing this made me very sweaty out of fear lol.
  2. henselmonster

    MEPD Patrol Patches!

    It is my goal to have every single MEPD patrol patch (well one from each patrol, I am not tracking down all the Red Rain patches lol) So far this is where I am at. Who has other patches I can trade?! Let me seee! I have a few more Twin Suns available to trade, also we are ordering a second anniversary patch soon. Post your Sandy patch collection just for kicks. I would love to see what else is out there.
  3. henselmonster

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Sooo I love my woodman radio. Its a beauty. But when I got it from woodman I had it with all the decals and radio dials on it. In hindsight I shouldn't have done in leu of screen accuracy, and I can't bring myself to remove them or paint over them since its such a beauty. So, like a crazy person, I ordered a second radio kit from Sonix World. I will keep my Woodman, but add it to my sandtrooper collection shelf. This is an excellent kit. Also comes with all the hardware to assemble the switches and plugs. I won't be adding the the decals or dial or anything, just knobs and hardware to match the look of the move along pack. Excited to build this one. Should be fun. I recommend the kit, it is much lighter than the woodman radio so its perfect for my pack. Thanks @GodOfLibra
  4. henselmonster

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Wound up 3D printing my stinger. I will get the file up on Thingiverse eventually if anyone else wants to use it. Getting everything painted this weekend except the trays. For the vintage trays I am thinking about reinforcing them with fiberglass, they are pretty fragile so I don't want them to crack all the time.
  5. That paint job is amazing. Love the look. Great job as usual!
  6. Hey there! Does anyone out there possibly have correct sizing or plans for the body of the bapty DLT19? Hoping to get it cut and assembled this weekend!
  7. henselmonster

    TD-34221 "HansVader's" tour of duty.

    Im not vending this year so I'm 100% down!
  8. henselmonster

    TD-34221 "HansVader's" tour of duty.

    Looking good! We need to troop together soon
  9. henselmonster

    Yosh's Build

    Killed it dude! Send over those pics (minus blaster) and we can get started on the new CRL! PM incoming
  10. henselmonster

    Road Block Pack 1 Build

    Looks like a great start!
  11. henselmonster

    PO & SWAT Pics for Artwork

    Yes sadly pages have disappeared when we move services and we have been set back, we are working on getting this updated soon!
  12. henselmonster

    Yosh's Build

    Great work! Looks awesome.
  13. henselmonster

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Started priming and painting with the Tamiya Ghost Grey. This color is feeling pretty close
  14. henselmonster

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    One last look at my unmodded, un painted parts....for some reason I will miss it like this lol. Also working on the bend, its not quite where I want it still adjusting hah
  15. henselmonster

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Ok getting back into this! Found some vintage trays on the site that will not be named. One arrived cracked sadly but I can make due. I will probably repair that one and add the 5 ridges to it. But I tested another vaccuformed tray I already have, and it is a perfect fit, maybe I will use this as my 5 ridge box? Maybe? I don't know I'm on the fence.