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  1. henselmonster

    Input please

    Nice work! I would recommend embedding each photo in the post but this is fine for now. Great work with your armor, there are some minor issues but nothing that should impede your approval, and if it does it’s minor adjustments. Though I would recommend a different pauldron. The pauldron should be the puffy leather kind, yours is a bit flat. You may want to do that before approvals, but it’s not specifically called out in the CRL (though it probably should be). Should you want to proceed with higher level approvals there are some changes needed but we can cross that bridge when we get to it! Best of luck!
  2. henselmonster

    Input please

    follow this to embed photos:
  3. henselmonster

    Racing shirt?

    I am down for at least 2, one for me and one for @birthdaydino
  4. henselmonster

    3D Files for Field Pack - 3D Printing

    I am not sure if anyone has modeled that. It might be a fun one to take a stab at. I'll be on the lookout
  5. henselmonster

    po pics

    Thanks for letting us know. We will pass it on to @HappyTrooperDotCom who is looking into it!
  6. henselmonster

    Koryu1212(Dan D) Crook Knights Pack #3 build

    The corners of the tray should be rounded off, great start! Looks good! I would recommend a repaint with the battleship gray color in a matte or satin finish. Right now your pack is looking a bit glossy. Also you could get a matte clear coat and spray the entire pack before weathering.
  7. henselmonster

    TK to TD Decals

    I know Trooperbay has them, but I recommend painting. It is more screen accurate to paint them by hand
  8. henselmonster

    Exhaust piping

    Lol. Well, theres your answer!
  9. henselmonster

    MEPD Patrol Patches!

    I got it though a trade on the 501st patch DB. Didn't realize it was that rare!
  10. henselmonster

    MEPD Patrol Patches!

    Been busy trading, got quite a few new patrol patches. With a few more on the way! I think we need more Sandy patrols (mostly because I want more patches) My newest additions are: Sands of Liberty, Jakku Patrol, Ontario Outer Rim (new version), Patrol 66, Irish Wolfhound, Cohortis Helvetica, Sandtuppers, Jundland Waste Wolves and I have a Danish Desert Patrol, and several Red Rain patches on their way. If you got a patrol patch you want to trade let me know. Twin Suns patrol has a new version of our patch on its way too (new color way) if you want to trade!
  11. henselmonster

    Exhaust piping

    I will measure mine later tonight, I am not sure if mine is 100% accurate, but its a good start.
  12. Congrats! Well deserved
  13. henselmonster

    Greetings from Mimban

    Looking great!
  14. henselmonster

    Henselmonster DLT-19 Bapty - 3D Printed

    Almost there! Just a few more parts to add, then T-tracks and I'm calling it done.
  15. henselmonster

    Henselmonster DLT-19 Bapty - 3D Printed

    Thanks! They are, with some silver dry brushing, but I still want to add some more brown-red wash over it and add some more weathering Thanks! I swear I spend more time working on 3D printed project than regular kits, resin or wood props I have built. So much work to get it to look right.