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  1. Good luck on your P.O. submission, and to echo our DL - Take pride in your completed TD. Great work.
  2. This is looking good, nice work so far. I really enjoy following the SWAT submittals... You're getting there trooper.... hang in there.
  3. not bad looking, but I'll pass on these.
  4. Nice, this is starting to look like a great program!
  5. wow, that's some great detail for sure.
  6. Very sad news indeed... God speed brother, your work here is done, we will take it from here. The brotherhood will miss you, but more importantly, may God bless your family, friends, and fellow sandtroopers who knew you best.
  7. The point system has been changed to higher values. The 'Like" button is the heart icon with the number near it. Happy ratings troopers !!!
  8. We have implemented the following change to the MEPD Forum; Forum Posting 'LIKES' with RANK RIBBONS. Members will now be able to "Like" another member's posting and by doing so, he or she will gain accumulative points in a "Rating System". This rating system on the forum will put a Point Count on the left side of your postings, along with a new Imperial Sandtrooper Rank Ribbon. What does this mean... well, besides earning some more rank and bling for your posting area and profile, you get to see whose postings among your peers is liked the most on our forum. Look for the "Like" button on the right hand side of various forum postings. The Rank Ribbons were custom designed for our forum and have the following rank and point value system; Cadet Rated - (0-24 Likes) - Corporal Rated - (25-49 Likes) - Sergeant Rated - (50-149 Likes) - Lieutenant Rated - (150-299 Likes) - Captain rated - (300-599 Likes) - Sr. Captain Rated - (600-1199 Likes) - Road Captain Rated - (1200-2399 Likes) - Sr. Road Captain Rated - (2400 + Likes) - Stay safe out there and get busy rating your fellow sandtroopers...
  9. Great advice and a nice build thread! (btw - nice new signature pic Jason)
  10. I created the new area and moved this conversation to that area (with a link in the old posted area that will last for 30 days).
  11. Welcome to the forum Steve. We have some very talented members and what's even better, they are more than willing to lend a hand or give some helpful advice. If you have questions, you will definitely get answers. Good luck on your build sir.
  12. Wow, what a great idea and some AWESOME photos! Congratulations to you both and God bless!
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