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  1. Thank you very much for the activation - S.W.A.T. Officer TD-12169 is reporting in at Docking Bay 94!
  2. As easy as 1-2-3, Felix ... it's gonna be done, asap! ... and here we go ... ... should have done all the shots with my mobile
  3. Pretty happy that this is not a requirement at the moment but I'll take this into consideration and do a rework of the sewing, using a black thread. Thanks for the information. Do you know the approximate length of the stitches?
  4. Hi Felix, time to show the fixes: Thigh Backpack (here: canteen flask) Cheers, Michael.
  5. Thank you very much for the results of the first review, Felix. This all sounds just great to me! I'm very happy that there is nothing major to be fixed. As I pointed out in my build-thread, I was going to build this Sandtrooper regarding the guidelines for SWAT from the first. The research I did, took quite long and I was not in a hurry And before all: During my research and building I talked to and learnt from the best: My brothers from the MEPD As for the fixes: They'll be done asap! Will it be sufficient to only take a pic of the "not-worn" right thigh?
  6. Thanks for this build thread! My canteen arrived yesterday. I'll start working on it, next week :-)
  7. Doh! You're right! MP 40 ammo pouch added ... you may proceed ...
  8. TD-12169 requesting S.W.A.T. deployment Name: Michael Seeger Legion ID: 12169 Forum Name: Trooper Mitch Garrison: German Garrison Applying for Docking Bay 94 Sergeant V1 Armor: TM Helmet: TM Pauldron: Trooper1 Boots: dyed white Jodhpur (Busse) Gloves: DIY Blaster: Bapty (modified Doopydoos) Pouches: Self-Made (Small spanish pouches), Blaster 8266 (MP 40 pouch) Backpack: Self-Assembled (Mix of DirtyBoy, own stuff and Seedtrays from Bodey) see build thread. The following pics are "small" versions. A click on a pic will lead you to the original one with a higher resolution. Here you'll find the build thread of this Docking Bay Sergeant V1 Here's the link to my Police Officer application Here are the reference pics I was emulating this Sandtrooper from. If in doubt, please refer to my build thread, mentioned above. There you can read about all the confirmed findings on this TD. Armor from front: Backpack: The lines show that the syphon's thread is probably cut off and the diameter of the mortar tube is about half the width of the right upper box of the backpack Helmet: And now let me show you my armor and its details ... Armor Front Left Left (arm up) Left (w/o backpack) Back Back (w/o backpack) Right Right (arm up) Right (w/o backpack) Action Bucket off Details Front Ab Detail Back Strapping Rivets ShouderStrap Thighs Shins Belt Spanish ammo pouches Handguards Neckseal Pauldron Boots Helmet Front Back Left Right Lenses Weapon Left Right MP 40 ammo pouch Backpack Front Left Right Back Top Bottom
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