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  1. Thanks for this build thread! My canteen arrived yesterday. I'll start working on it, next week :-)
  2. Took me more than one year to get this far
  3. AWESOMELY FREAKING GOOD Thank you very much
  4. Thanks a lot! @Strider: I hope so and keep my fingers crossed ... sailing through the sands of Tatooine
  5. TD 12169 requesting deployment in the Police Officer's ranks. Name: Michael Seeger Legion ID: 12169 Forum Name: Trooper Mitch Garrison: German Garrison The following pics are "small" versions. A click on a pic will lead you to the original one with a higher resolution. Here you'll find the build thread of this Docking Bay Sergeant V1 Armor Full Sight Front Left Left (arm up) Back Right Right (arm up) Action Bucket off Details Front Ab Detail Back Strapping Rivets ShouderStrap Thighs Shins Belt Spanish ammo pouches Handguards Helmet Front Back Left Right Lenses Weapon Left Right
  6. First milestone reached:Just got my 501st approval TD 12169 is reporting in! Next stop: Police Officer!
  7. TD 12169 (Michael Seeger) requesting Sandtrooper access (501st Legion - Member Details)
  8. Hi there, as I'm actually assembling my backpack I found another mystery: The syphon's thread is not visible, seems to be cut off ...
  9. Hi, here's the link to the galery that my pics link to: Can you check if you see them?
  10. Thank you, Sandwatcher ... ... and another month gone by and the backpack is ready to be assembled. The only thing missing here for now is the frame for the backpack but it's also ready for assembly just waiting for me to come ;-) ... Starting off with the trays (cleaned and painted) Modifying the syphon A ring to close the syphon Closed syphon and mounted the dome for the bottle Finished syphon The upper bottle (cut into half and re-assembled) The top plate of the upper bottle made of EVA foam Building the chest for the filter Test mount (upper tray) with filter (also made of EVA foam) The faucet cover and the bee-stinger Sidepipe The radio chest ... ... using magnets to fix the radio front plate ... and the final (loose) test-mount ... looking awesomely clean, but this is gonna be changed, soon ;-)
  11. After quite a while of silence, now grab some popcorn and enjoy ... My DoopyDoo-Bapty-Blaster is almost finished. Just the magazine and the small window for the Hengstler is missing ... Start off with the prepared parts The grip was a veeery cumbesome thing to do Some modifications ... Assembly and further mods ... Magazine "holder" ... guess what? ... Yes: modified :-) Assembly ... ready for the basecoat Scope modification Cutting a window for the Hengstler ... ... and adding some small metal parts Weathered grip (toothpaste did the trick ;-)) Metal texture Weathered Scope Finished Hengstler with some weathering Weathering on the blaster
  12. Hi Felix, this is one of the threads, I was looking for Pretty cool
  13. +1
  14. As far as I see, all Battlefront III armors are ROTJ based, even the helmets. Also the TDs from the digital version of ANH are full ROTJ: The only mix that's done is with EU armor. My Incinerator's armor, for example, is ROTJ and the helmet is ANH:
  15. Thanks so far, guys! The most annoying part was the helmet ... what a struggle !!! Now shoes will be dyed at the weekend, then the Batpy Blaster build will follow and meanwhile gathering all missing stuff for the #1 backpack ...