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  1. Kind words. Thank you. I've had some fantastic advice and encouragement during this submission. I'm glad it has all payed off and the support shown by this brilliant group makes it all worth while.
  2. Thank you felix for this wonderful news. Thanks to the swat panel for thier time. And a massive thank you to all that have given me advice and support on this project. (You know who you are) Appreciated brothers. Lee.
  3. Decal removed and weathered. Hope that this is to your approval. Standing by........ Cheers Lee
  4. Adjustments made. I've dropped it approx 20mm. This looks a lot better. Hope this is to your approval. So I'm just waiting on your verdict with regard to the tape on the shoulder Bell. As this is covering my ukg decal. You can also see my bottom trays clear of the pack strapping.
  5. Cheers felix. The mark on the seed tray is actually the pack strapping which as become stuck and ended up sticking out. Apologies. The white patch is tape. Covering my ukg decal. I will.drop the panel this evening and post a pic.
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