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  1. Beefie

    LoveMonkey's Pack Build

    Perfect! Ive been looking for something to make the ribbed look I had a few ideas but this is PERFECT since I don't need to buy 10' of something I only need a little of lol
  2. I am looking for the Captains Field Pack Toolbox (hoping to use something that will actually open) I have a few old lunch boxes however they arent squared edges which bugged me.... I am curious anyone know where to find the Tool Box for the Field Pack for the Captain? Its the last piece of my puzzle. Thank you greatly in advance!
  3. Beefie

    Rubbing Sniperplate....

    sorry for no pics (im at work doing this) hopefully tonight I can get to doing this, however the plate is parallel to the leg actually... i assume the angle will help it a bit? im also a lil guy lol so i might try to put some white foam in there now and dirty it up a bit Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone! I have a quick question: I recently got into the 501st and have been trooping as much as i can (and i travel across state for it) one thing thats bugging me (but my brothers and sisters in arms find funny) is my sniperplate rubs on my thigh plate.... when it rubs it makes that horrid noise of plastic scratching on plastic.... (cant really tell when kids are screaming and laughing but when just the group walking quietly... you can find me) Any suggestions to stop that from happening? I dont really want to shave it down or anything want to keep the thick look to the sniper plate... any suggestions would rock! Thank you kindly! TD-91414
  5. Beefie

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Joshua A. Rhoads TD-91414 Central Garrison Member http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19546 (I FINALLY MADE IT! ^.^) Requesting Sandtrooper Access
  6. Beefie

    Have tattoo/tattoos?

    lol i love fanboys and love that tattoo lmfao 'they are going to be huge!' ...
  7. Beefie

    Coding Error

    somewhere in the output.php coding they repeated a code (not sure on the code but say its like this (in code below) as the coding is trying to push out the same line of code twice :/. I didn't notice it the other day (mainly cause got used to it) however the coding error I am getting it too. idk if the admin wants to send me the code to output.php i can look at it and see about fixing it for you no charge (obviously for MEPD i won't charge) but admin let me know! <html> <body> <?php include 'header.php';?> <?php include 'header.php';?> <h1>Welcome to MEPD.NET</h1> </body> </html>
  8. Beefie

    Needing help!

    for weathering just go to walmart, or a hobby shop get burnt umber, white, and black acrylic paint dab it on with a texture sponge? and let dry for a few minutes (not fully dry) then in a circle motion rub it away to the creases leaving some of the brown... full suit is dirty even if you cant really see it. Pouches I went on Ebay and found mp38 u. 40 ammo pouch or any other store... its about 40 bucks... just on 2 of the 3 pouches you will have to take off the loops and sew them back on straight but very heavy duty! Afterwards if you got ANY extra foam from these shipments to your home hold onto them and slice them in squares and slide them into your pouches, make it look full (but keep it light!) then i noticed some people have still clean pouches, since you LIVE in the Sand, I would go to your back yard and rub your pouch in the sand a good amount give it that dirty look (After all, the scene on Tatooine was filmed in Death Valley) Hope my lil idea helps... im still a novice however but i got compliments on my stuff means a lot to me
  9. You are all amazing I tried to rig a holster type thing sewed it and did a button snap to keep it in place but didn't work to my liking I'll try the small loop and shoulder strap! Thank you so much again!
  10. Weird question. I read up on attaching the ammo pouch over the left shoulder. I read usually lot of people attach it to the field backpack... Well I don't have a backpack yet (plan on getting it beginning of next year) How do some of you attach your ammo pouch then? Im curious on what you do and pictures would be great! Thank you in advance!
  11. Beefie

    Have tattoo/tattoos?

    Here is links to the START of my leg piece... still being worked have to get the imperial logo and such done on the back part.. http://www.beefiedesigns.com/501st/tat/1.jpg http://www.beefiedesigns.com/501st/tat/2.jpg http://www.beefiedesigns.com/501st/tat/3.jpg http://www.beefiedesigns.com/501st/tat/4.jpg thats just my 1 leg.. lol my other leg is a Nightmare before Xmas theme, left arm is Mushroomhead X face, right arm jason voorhees mask with 13 carved, ribs i have a huge Black Flack, Deadkennedies and zombie collage, Donnie Darko with numbers on my back of neck lol and a few others.. yeah i enjoy it
  12. Beefie

    Have tattoo/tattoos?

    I do it's still in works but I'll take pics after work and post them (9hrs from now) you have my word
  13. Beefie

    Sandy POP Vinyl?

    Lmfao one of my coworkers and I just said the same thing it's stewie as a sandy
  14. The right side for the snap left side I have 6 rivets (in total)
  15. Beefie

    Coding Error

    IE is the worst lol I have windows 10 now I need to try the new ie on their