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  1. Requesting 501st access and Sandtrooper Access. Name: Thederek TK ID: TD 33611 Link: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18578 Need it asap to order something, thanks!
  2. I actually met one of the guys who originally pulled molds with Lewis, I think his name is David, and he's with the Southern CA Garrison. I met him at MegaCon in Orlando a few weeks ago, he was working at the Anovus booth. What a cool dude, and so nice! He told me all about my own Hyperfirm
  3. Yea, I did. Even with some vinegar and oxy clean. I think it's just best to grab something else, this should NOT be an issue, lol. And it's close to your face.
  4. Thanks guys! I think I'll try the paint method. I picked up some foam blocks, so I'll see how that goes. Thanks for the tips about painting with blocks IN for drying! makes sense. Also, I bought some pouches from $26 on Ebay from some dude in WV, they arrived and REEK of mildew. Son of a b.....as gross as it sounds, the interwebz recommends a vinegar wash, so I'll see how that goes. If not, looks like I'm buying more expensive pouches, what a waste of money and rotten luck I have. I know we're supposed to be dirty, but I'm not a Mildewtrooper. I'd stink around everyone, and make the armor bin smell NASTY. I don't even think paint will help.
  5. ____ Right on, so do you really do anything different? I've done a pipe E11 build with many types of spray paint, and also plastidipped the inside of my bucket, so I'm not a total noob to spray painting, but wasn't sure if there was any other process that's different. I preferred Rustoleum spray paints, but I read on a thread that Krylon was better for this (fabric painting)? Also, I saw a bottle of liquid Rit fabric dye (since again, I'm just dying the cotton canvas) for a few bucks on Amazon. It's as easy as dumping it in a bath of water and letting the MP40 pouch agitate and soak for a bit. Or, spray paint it like you say. Decisions, decisions. Then again, you all are the vets! I'm just bringing this up in case this helps someone brand new doing some research. I've seen both the dye and the spray paint, trying to determine what's the longevity. It wouldn't seem like the spray paint would wear off on your armor and other stuff. Not sure with the dye if that's an issue? Was hoping someone who's dyed theirs and has trooped a bit could weight in.
  6. Sounds great man, thanks. What's your opinion on the pouches? A good grab for the price ($26 with shipping)?
  7. In case anyone wondered, here were the pouches I was looking at. About $26 bucks shipped to me. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Repro-WWII-German-Afrika-Korps-MP38-MP40-Tan-Canvas-Magazine-Mag-MP-40-Pouch-Set-/131125436621?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e87af60cd
  8. Hey gents, Was wondering if there was any updates on dying/coloring MP40 pouches? I found some cheap ones online, I just need to dye them. I've browsed the forums and some of this stuff goes back to 2011, 2009, etc. If you're dying canvas MP40 pouches, wouldn't you want to use fabric dye vs. leather dye (the black leather is already the right color). The other option is I see people spray painting. Doesn't that eventually dry/crack/flake off? I'm about 50%/60% through my TD build, and I need to go ahead and buy some pouches asap, as cheap as I can. I know some are for sale in that forum section, but I'm trying to save where I can for now (the after basic 501st, upgrade for better when I can spread it out more). As of now, I'm considering fabric dye or leather dye, but I'm worried about rubbing off. Then I read about "leather shene" or what not, but it says it's glossy. Can anyone speak from experience here? Would be much appreciated!
  9. Thank you sir. What's your opinion on the newer helmet mold? The sides scare me, even though a bit gets cut off and the ears cover some of the plastic.
  10. Hello everyone! A quick background: So, I've been lurking around FISD for quite some time since back in April. I am also mostly through an ANH E11 pipe build (waiting for scope rail and a Heng, but have since changed gears about my weapon choices). I bought my ATA kit off a Tampa Bay squad member who had an extra kit (sans helmet) that he was selling at the time. I've had it for a few months now, but am still a bit scared to kind of dive into it. I've gone to a few armor parties, and have read some threads, but honestly I'm not the best builder (although my E11 pipe build is pretty boss so far). I started off with a TK in mind, but decided to totally switch gears and go to TD, so much of the "basics" can cross over. The new helmet: The traps are really bumpy though, and the molding on the side is going to be hard for me to visualize to trim and cut. I know a lot will be covered by ears, but just how much??? I got the feeling it wasn't supposed to look like this? So these photos are not the best quality (I have to save them in something besides a JPG, since even if I rotate and save in a JPG, it won't upload as such). What do you all think? And since you all like armor pictures, here's how far I got: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Most of this is trimmed (exception of the Ab and kidney there) the rest needs to be sanded and see how they fit before more trimming or leaving). Ugh. So overwhelmed right now. Also note, I did not write on the cover strips, I think the guy I bought it from did. Thanks for reading my novel! To finish, the items still needed are: belt, some accessories for inside and outside helmet, pauldron, some MP40 packs, and eventually a backpack. I got the correct TD knee plate, and I have a DLT 19. I will also need to figure out how to strap the thighs, whether garter or suspenders/belt combo are better for me.
  11. Thank you all so much for the welcome! Proud to get dirty! Hope you didn't take my "hard approval" joke to heart, I've seen some heated discussion in the FISD Centurion threads, so I know the passion and the CO's striving for accurate costumes. It's all ultimately to help. There are a few TD's in our garrison, but have only met one or so in person thus far. I'm a slow builder anyways, so perhaps it's for the better. I've learned two hard lessons so far (making my biceps considerably tight, making me have to a larget inner strip to space it out, and let's just say it's not economically feasibly or bad enough I feel for a replacement on the arms). Looking forward to seeing some different kind of builds other than a TK, although I know the process is very similar. One of the exciting things about this for me is the weathering and "deployed" look. I've build model tanks since I was a kid and it's the best part of building anything. Thanks for the welcome, and hope to join the TD community! Also: thank you SO much for recommending going PO first THEN SWAT. I was going straight for SWAT, thinking it was similar to going straight for Centurion (even though you apply for EIB first).
  12. Hello everyone! I'd like introduce myself. I'm Derek, with no 501st number yet. I finally got my ATA armor about 3 months or so ago, but I work two jobs, pay student loans, and time is very limited so I haven't built much. It's taken forever to piecemeal everything. I've also learned this is very hard for me and I'm not the best builder at all, so it's a bit intimdating coming on these forums to be judged and guided to be a 501st member. I'm 33, live in Tampa, FL, and I've handled for a few events with the Tampa Bay Squad here. I've been a prospective member since April of this year, and they're a great group and I love the mantra of the 501st, and hanging out with them. When I originally joined FISD, I was pretty sure (up until a few days ago) that I wanted to be a TK. Secretly though, I've always wanted to be dirty and go TD. With that said, I already have a blaster build I need to finish (about 80% done...pipe build with a doopy kit), but I do have a Hyperfirm DLT-19. I very recently decided after talking with several members of the TBS, and coming to terms with not being clean and shiny, that I wanted to go Sandtrooper (much to the chargin of some of my TK build buddies). My original goal was Centurion TK, but I'm considering SWAT since I've essentially only did the "basic" trim thus far (no fitting yet) and might as well come out of the gate swinging for a hard goal. However seeing as that there's only 30 or so members in the SWAT section approved with pictures, it seems quite elite and daunting. Not to mention, I'm not sure if I want to commit to the backpack yet, since I live in Florida and it's very swampy and humid most of the year, so maybe SWAT-oriented with a goal of PO, and maybe later add a pack? I've heard you all are pretty tough on approvals for MEPD . The only items I still need to get (not to mention finishing my kit) are a fan system, a belt, and specifically for TD the pauldron and the ammo packs (off the top of my head what I can recall). I already have some stuff like the rivets, etc that would be ok for TK Centurion that I think carry over to SWAT per the CRL's. I also like long walks on the Tattooine dunes during a twin sunset, looking off in the distance philosophically. I hope you all are inviting and helpful as the folks on FISD. I need a MEPD "Darkcmf/Tim/FISD Attache equivalent" who has kept me off the ledge and kept me focused during difficult builds (jk). Nice to meet you all, and I hope I join the ranks soon enough. I'm up for any advice and guidance at this point of where to go, aside from the copious amounts of reading. Thank you for reading my novel.
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