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  1. Thank you for following up. My photographer friend is a little busy recently, I'll do it as soon as he has time.
  2. So proud of my approval! Actually it's my birthday today... what a coincidence! No doubt this is one of the best birhtday present in my life! Thank you my MEPD brothers, I can't make it without your support and the knowledge you share. SWAT won't be the final stop for me. I'll never stop improving my armor. Best Regards Kainan
  3. Hi Bigwam! Thank you for your advices and encouragement. I started working at once, here are my new pics。 Armor completely dressed: Adding dirt spots: 1. ab plate 2. backside of the thigh 3. right shoulder bell 4. letf shoulder bell Pouches: 1.blacken the cut edges 2. crumpled surface Restoring the detail on the top of the right thigh: Please let me know what else I can do to improve. Thanks again!
  4. Thomas, thank you for your previous suggestions, now I have done my armor weathering work. Here are some new pics for you to review: Front: Left: Right: Chest armor close up Ab plate close up Right side of right thigh close up Belt close up, adjusting the button position (But I found no photo for the button on the other side, so I have it unchanged. Wonder if anyone have more reference pics?) After studied all the reference pics you provided, I have some questions: There were two versions roadblock cpt: Ver 1: 1. Right shoulder bell attached tightly, fitting the actor's shoulder 2. Equiped with MP40 leather pouches Ver 2: 1、Right shouler bell slipped down to the elbow and fixed by a black tape 2、Equiped with a medium Spanish pouch My armor now is ver 1, do I have to make both versions for SWAT? If so I can make my shoulder bell adjustable and get myself a new pouch. (Not sure if there are more differences between these two versions, please point it out if I missed something. Thanks again!
  5. Great! Thank you Thomas! I will proceed to the armor weathering part asap!
  6. Hi Thomas I'm back! Sorry for the long absence... it has been a really busy and tough year, and I finally made some time to proceed my work. Here we go... Whole view: bottles shortened and position adjusted, mushroom cups changed to rubber cups from toliet plungers: new syphon: right side of the pack: mortar tube face plate re-cut: mortar tube glue spot added: tape position adjusted: bigger gap between the shotgun shells: black Gio bottle holder: Left side: scratches on the frame, bigger kink in the karrimor frame, blue/grey colour on the brexton box, red leftovers on the crossbelt of the karrimor frame, radio position adjusted: I know you have mentioned that there are only two tapes on the left side of the lower part. But after thinking it over, I believe there was a third tape like the pic below: Please tell me whether I'm right. leather straps on the bottom of the radio: https://i.loli.net/2019/04/07/5caa0f95c105b.jpg Although there were some difficulties for me, but like I said, I'll never give up on this project. Looking forward to your review!
  7. Thanks bro. 2018 was a busy year for me but I won’t give up. I will be back soon! Wish you a happy new year!
  8. Thank you for your suggestion. Mic tips adjusted. I'm waiting for my new backpack parts to arrive, will proceed my work soon!
  9. Hi Thomas, did some further work according to your review, please let know if I'm doing it right.
  10. OK Thomas, I've made some fix on my bucket, here are the new pics: And some more pics from the same angle as the movie snap for your review: Looking forward to your comments!
  11. Thanks a lot Thomas, I'll start working soon. Here is the photo of the right side of right thigh. And also whole armor photos from all side. Let me know if you need more detailed pics.
  12. Actually it is a Gordon ciphon, maybe I can remove the cable ties and have it upgraded? I tried to look for a Shire UP90 replica but have found nothing... if anyone have resources please PM me...
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