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About Me

My name is Tony, aka Anthony, aka UKSWRATH (gamer tag since the days of Wolfenstein 3D)

Born in Charleston SC, October 1963. Move to CA shortly thereafter being the son of an Air Force officer.

Occupation: Automotive technician specializing in European & GM vehicles since 1984, though I've mainly been behind a desk the last 7 years. Cisco Certified, Microsoft schooled and owner/operator of a small computer repair company.

Hobbies: Sifi movies, Gaming, Crafts, Vacationing (Disneyland), Building custom gaming PCs and home theater systems

Like many others became a SW fan in the summer of 77. Since then I've been a avid SW & Sifi movie fan.

When desktop PCs came around gaming became a extension of my Sifi world. I've mainly been a first person shooter gamer being I usually don't have hours to spend. I get in, kill & blow stuff up then get out. I'm still not sure if it's been a stress relief or the opposite. My game of choice the last year or so has been BF4.

My (new) love, passion, obsession is my armor (building, modifying, ect), the 501st, pushing the boundaries of SW costuming and being part of a community of individuals who are just as excited as me to keep George Lucas's dream alive.

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