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  1. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    Good info here
  2. CRL is officially approved!

    Another reason for me to finish building my second Sandy, then buy some goodies from Shawn
  3. Rogue One -- Jehda Patrols are "Sandtroopers"

    IMHO we're looking at two different troopers. There's a clear difference between the R1 TK and TD, both of which were equipped with backpacks, well at least some of the TKs were. The TK armor is generally not dirty (weathered), though his backpack is. The TD seen above in the magazine clearly has weathered armor. The backpacks are also different, well, at least the antennas are. Unfortunately without screen shots, behind the scene images, first hand knowledge provided by either the writers, Lucas or Disney, neither troopers received enough screen time to clearly differentiate their rolls. If we indeed have a new version TD then someone should get a thread going so we can start the detail processing, similar to a CRL or SWAT spec update.
  4. A soldier has fallen

    Bucket is off. Troop on in the next life my brother.
  5. *Done* TD2311 Requesting Deployment

    Hey Marcus, congrats sir.
  6. Congrats David, sorry I'm late.
  7. Ghoulcinder's Docking Boy 94 V2 Sergeant Build

    Awesome my favorite slogan
  8. Ghoulcinder's Docking Boy 94 V2 Sergeant Build

    facebook page?
  9. Ghoulcinder's Docking Boy 94 V2 Sergeant Build

    Wow Bas, I'm sure everyone would agree with me when I say we're sad to see it come to a halt. I've enjoyed watching your build. You have your reasons and we respect that. Hope things work out for you and remember, we'll be here if when your situation betters. Don't be a stranger, troopers for life
  10. Dewback Sandtrooper

    WOW! Great info on this guy's website.