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  1. Hi, thanks for your messages. I don't think that Anthony Forest can help me much... he was the central person on the set this day but he dad no idea who are the other Sandtroopers... I read this here in the Forum. Cheers, Manu
  2. Manuel Teixeira, requesting 501st access! TK / TI / IC 92673 https://members.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18284 Thanks
  3. Hi guys, hope you can help me... I'm searching informations, pics and names from the guys who played the "move along" scene with Anthony Forrest. Last event, I was approached from a guy who say... he played a Sandtrooper in the "move along" scene! His story: it was not planed, he was in holiday in Tunesia and meet there a school friend. They went to eat something, the friend tell him they are making a science fiction movie and ask him if he want to play a static Sandtrooper! He acepted... So he wear a costume, it was not confortable and it hurt him in many places. He have no idea how or what to make during the action.... His name is Peter Dowsett, unfortunately he isn't credited in the movie... What you think about this?
  4. Hey, I was there also on Saturday... and waiting you at the Stargate Portal... but nobody came Great pics, Rico and Darek
  5. Hi, is a good idea, I find it cool... by the way, where can I find Stormtrooper armor for kids?
  6. Hi, perhaps that will help you: http://trooperbay.com/abs-plastic-extension-strips/
  7. Hi guys, my name is Manu and living in Luxembourg (small country in Europe). Since childhood I am Star Wars fan and always in the Cons I admire the guys in the Troopers armor. I've decided to enter in this world, so I'm a newbie. At the moment I read here in the forum to get much info as possible. My armor will probably be a RS Prop Masters .... Sandtrooper of course ;-) Manu
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