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  1. Updated main post with the pictures.
  2. Price updated. 450$ shipping included. Worldwide.
  3. Gibbon

    My RT-97C

  4. MG-15 (RT-97C) FIRST RUN is ON! First 10 kits. RT-97C kit includes: - Full gun made of black resin parts casts, - hollow high impact PVC barrell drilled, - metal scope mounts (allen wrench included) - rubber eyeguard for snooper scope - steel wire cable for snooper scope Weight approx 5-6 kg. Every kit will be numbered with CoA included. Partially assembled to prevent recasting. First run is 10 guns only. Turnaround time is 4-6 weeks after confirmed payment. COST: 450 USD ( shipping included) Shipping via International Priority mail with tracking. Shipping as a GIFT to prevent customs. Payment: PayPal only Please transfer the cost to: dariusz.wojtow@gmail.com as "FRIENDS & FAMILY" option. Put your TKID and shipping address in the comments. If you got any questions, feel free to ask via PM. LIST: 1. TD-30571 2. TD-4949 3. TD-11019 4. TD-6022
  5. Gibbon

    My RT-97C

    Yes, I will. Planning to mainly make the runs tho, as it takes really long time and effort to prepare the kit.
  6. Gibbon

    My RT-97C

    Ok.... the time has come. First trial setup of my newest child. RT-97C in it's all beauty
  7. Gibbon

    My RT-97C

    Every kit will include rubber eyeguard for the RAF infrared "snooper scope". For now, I'm working on first 2 MGs for Hong Kong Garrison. Will be making a run soon, probably 10 MGs. Gotta prepare all the molds, materials and additional parts first. Will keep you posted.
  8. Gibbon

    My RT-97C

    Preparing few additional parts to the RT-97C kit. Every kit will include: - connector cable to the RAF infrared "snooper scope" - 2 sets (4 pieces) of the metal scope mounts with allen wrench included.
  9. Gibbon

    My RT-97C

    Barrel will be included in the kit of course
  10. Gibbon

    My RT-97C

    I'm DONE. Only one part missing, the upper scope mount, but overall it's done. Now only some sanding and preparing master molds.