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  1. Yep certainly! I chose the V2, and that's even worse as he's hardly on screen, and if he is, it's in the background....
  2. The V1 is indeed the first Sergeant you'll find on the screen, the V2 is the one with the dirty pauldron and Davin's armour. Why don't you post a build thread for your trooper and post your research there?
  3. If, like you said, you're willing to spend a tonne. I'd go for either Troopermaster or RS Props. You can find TM on Facebook, and RS has a website
  4. Nope, the FX and EFX helmets are very different. The EFX helmet can be made approvable, but it's honestly not worth the effort
  5. I'd definitely build one yourself mate, look at Nick Black's build thread, it's in the Backpack section as well, he's using the same frame as they used in the films
  6. Looks very sweet Nick! I've not seen anything as accurate as this before, it looks stunning. Looking forward to see the final backpack
  7. Could you make sure not to post writing in that colour? It's utterly impossible to read, it's sort of readable when you select it all. For a starter, create a thread for your build, show us what you got, and people will commence to help you
  8. Heya Andrew! There are several UK vendors, and I'm more than happy to push you into the right direction, just send me a message
  9. That looks very close indeed Scott, splendid job!
  10. I think it's a tortoise actually, as it has "feet" rather than flappy things
  11. Looking awesome Lee, now just to wait for Smally to clear you
  12. Heya Jay! Welcome to the MEPD, have a great time
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