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  1. That cool armor. OP patience that you have it close.
  2. http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah29/LenoJuanCarlos/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160308-WA0051_zpsy4ri2n8y.jpg http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah29/LenoJuanCarlos/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160308-WA0043_zpsjdwvukph.jpg http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah29/LenoJuanCarlos/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160308-WA0044_zpso6cgaixr.jpg
  3. He hoped that this will be worth to you may rectify it to your local languages. Fomare Santrooper Spanish partner helped us with the image and text and other companions of our Garrison with the language of the plant, but then we put our humorous touch;) on our character .... always tell us dirty children or we clean .... not fail. The code vidi, takes our facebook. Each generate your. We hope Patrol Dewback from all enjoy as we are already enjoying.
  4. Thanks friend . He is transmitted to peers. My sincere thanks for your complete sincerity. Gracias amigo. Se lo transmitirse a los compañeros. Mi más sincero agradecimiento por tu total sinceridad.
  5. I wonder if you can put a person or individual "person unaccepted" so that it can apply for this man. My teammates have been waiting hear from us for some time and do not tell them when I command. If this person has employment, health or family problems you might say and know what personal problems orders may be delayed, but not play with the enthusiasm and excitement of the people ..... but if you accept their money. He hoped that the rest of the world Sandtrooper so read this or you cut the tap order or common sense neuron is activated and act as it should be when you offer something and ask for money upfront. A greeting. Me gustaría saber si es posible poner a una persona o individuo "persona no engrata" para poderlo solicitar para este hombre. Mis compañeros llevan esperando noticias de su pedido desde hace tiempo y no les dice cuando se lo mando. Si esta persona tiene problemas laborales, salud o familiar lo podria decir y asi saber que por problemas personales los pedidos se pueden demorar, pero no jugar con las ganas e ilusion de las personas.....pero si aceptar su dinero. Esperó que el resto de Sandtrooper del mundo lea esto para así o se le corte el grifo de pedidos o se active su neurona de sentido común y actúe como debe ser cuando ofreces algo y cobras por adelantado. Un saludo.
  6. Sorry to say that no code sent sent any future recruits. Of course this side of the pond, no one will recommend it delivers things. I think his attitude unacceptable and I feel sorry because it will be good person, but must meet and here we have a saying ,: Manolete, but know bullfighting, so you participate... Manolete, sino sabes torear, para que te metes... In Spanish has rhyme.
  7. Hello Friend Iconoclasta. I am pleased that you offer you help. The truth that I have these future Sandtrooper waiting their pouches and pauldron to be discharged. And Landeros does not realize that that's a bummer for anyone who has invested time and money and a merchant, you leave lying on the doorstep of your dream. It is very nice to have to complain about a good person, but there also good people on the other side and they have to write this. If you can please contact the, it would be a beautiful detail with them and with the Patrol. What's more if it goes ahead with your help I send some patches here;). Thank you. Hopefully my friends have theirs soon. Gracias de verdad!! Thank you for supporting teammates. Hopefully will serve to not happen again. Esperemos se resuelva lo mejor y antes posible.
  8. Good morning everyone. In my patrol they are having trouble recruits who have asked pauldrom and pouchs Aaron Orlando, Mexican sellers of the products the quality is good by an order of four that are made, but the rest since December know nothing and how little they know they are excuses and connects but does not answer all the doubts and questions that you have asked formally for shipments already paid. So I wonder if colleagues in the area or other places that you know or have asked to know anything about it. I personally think a lack of respect for their lack of ethics and sloppiness with members of someday be in this detachment. He waited for my post not be out of place, if necessary move it without problem. We only ask for information or suggestions of what happened so we all hope will be a happy solution for all and it is all a misunderstanding. And if necessary I must apologize after everyone gets everything and PAID I will. Thanks and greetings to all.
  9. Hello Brother. It looks great your armor RS, nearest know you've improved soiling and has been fantastic. Hopefully someday soon be displayed because recruiters have long silent and not normal. I have to present to SWAT mine and I hope that recruiters have returned to that time. A hug to all.
  10. Felicidades majo..!!! Congratulation my friend!!!
  11. Fomare mood. A great armor RS. Ánimo Combate . Una gran armadura la RS.
  12. Hello friends. I'm here. Thank you for helping Carbo and administrators for being so fast he could not go, but I got in. Now it catch up;) .... updated.
  13. Happiness Is. Great work and fantastic result. A chameleon ... great imitation. Happiness Is.
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