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  1. TD6049 -Tour of Duty

    20. Meet and Greet @ W5 7th July 2018 A short patrol at an educational facility for kids. It should have a routine op...but something seems to have went wrong! Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  2. TD6049 -Tour of Duty

    19: Dogs Day Out, Antrim Castle Grounds 30 June 2018 A short deployment, raising funds for a local animal shelter. I busted another Perp..this time for selling goods without a business license. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  3. Drop boxes on ANH SE Movie Sandtroopers?

    The reason there's no CRL is quite simple- there's few people out there who like these guys enough to spend money to make one. The ROTJ TK is quite a rarity..I think last time I checked there were fewer than 50 in the Legion(of which I am one!)..so that, plus the added cost/work of converting to a Sandie means its unlikely we'll see a lot of these guys. I was contemplating one once my TK got battered enough...but ended up doing a regular Sandie! Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  4. TD6049 -Tour of Duty

    18. Donaghcloney Primary School fair 22 June 2018 Fun wee event. Good weather,well behaved locals. Managed to snag a perp while on duty! Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  5. SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Did the guys with the pack make it into the movie? I recall one of the guys on guard duty wearing the ammo rig..but unless its in the vackground, I can't remember seeing backpacks. These guys(like the other new trooper designs) got surprisingly little screentime. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  6. TD6049 -Tour of Duty

    16, Ballysillan Primary School Oct '17 17, Ulster Orchestra Oct '17 Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  7. TD6049 -Tour of Duty

    11, MCM Belfast July '17 12, Belfast Lord Mayors Day Apr '18 13,Mayfair Parade and Festival Ballyclare 26 May '18 14, Antrim Omniplex Solo Screening, 26 May '18 (2 sandie troops in one day..my back was broken!) 15, Maldron Movie Marathon Antrim, 2 June '18 Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  8. TD6049 -Tour of Duty

    6, Banbridge Action Cancer Sept '16 7, Portrush Airshow Sept '16 8, Malone House Spring Fair April '17 9, Antrim Parade June '17 10, Donkey Sanctuary Oct '17 Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  9. TD6049 -Tour of Duty

    1,Ballycraigy School Summer Fair Jun '16 2, Antrim Summer Fest Jun '16 3, MCM Belfast ComicCon July '16 4, Dockmarket 2nd B.day Aug '16 5,Suicide Prevention Day Sept '16 Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  10. May/June 2018 MEPD Newsletter

    Awesome. Better get digging then! Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  11. Arresting rebel scum

    Brilliant! I always love an arrest pic...except when the shoe is on the other foot! Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  12. May/June 2018 MEPD Newsletter

    It's pretty standard practice to require pics for these programs. I do one for Clones,Sith,TIE and Jedi over on the RL forum. I should have been a double Ace with JRS by now..but we sometimes dont have a dedicated photographer or whatever. Its a shame..but is what it is. When we do Hospital troops, we make a point of always trying to get a team pic taken before we head out. Even if its just on someones phone. Guess I better start recording my Sandie troops now as well! Is there a time limit on ones we can count? I've not recorded any of mine..but have at least 2 years worth of Sandie events to dig info out for. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  13. Tapatalk problem ?

    Seems to be working fine here too. Thanks for sorting it out..it's really the only way I get to keep up to date with all my Dets! Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  14. Help promote the MEPD!

    "Excuse me, but you wouldn't have happened to have seen any droids recently? I've looked everywhere!" Sent from my R4 unit using Tapatalk
  15. Help promote the MEPD!

    TD-6049, Ireland Garrison "We came, we saw, we kicked it's Jawa's @ss!" *apologies Ghostbusters fans for probably mangling that quote! "Different Cantina,same old story" "Ok..so it's not technically the Falcon..but it still counts,right?" And finally..I'm not in this one..but my girlfriend is the Jawa. Taken at Celebration London last year if anyone recognises themselves! Sent from my R4 unit using Tapatalk