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    Family man. Trainee counsellor, film mad. Loves props and replicas. Nuff said;)
    Cant wait to be a walking action figure :)
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    Burnie, Tasmania AUSTRALIA

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  1. TazVader

    Ab/Kidney plate gap

    Hey no answer huh? What did you end up doing? I'm sorta in the same boat. Im thin but not rake like so need this sort of shim I guess to get police status. Can someone here answer? My question too lol Regards T A Z
  2. TazVader

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Christian Murfet Requesting Sandtrooper access TD-73103 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18278 Cheers T A Z
  3. TazVader

    Weathering first attempt

    Hey there fellow Aussie:) Going for approval of my TD too. Well done on the build buddy:) T A Z
  4. Nobody have a source? Like a counter graveyard somewhere? lol Regards T A Z
  5. TazVader

    Raincover for backpack

    What's sort of raincover is it? Do they have any on eBay? Cheers T A Z
  6. TazVader

    G'day everyone I'm from Tasmania!

    Small update. Sorry no pics lol. My leather belt pouches arrived from 'Boo,' awesome! My last box arrived from trooperbay. So...on the tally of what's to arrive: 1 resin MG-34 (in post) QM backpack (building 4-5wks) That's it. Although my armour build is slowing down. I'm giving myself the rest of the year to get a bit trimmer. Regards T A Z
  7. TazVader

    My newly weathered T-21 :-)

    Wow!!!!!! Amazing weapon given a huge boost! Does the magician of the brush offer any painting tutorials anywhere? Regards T A Z
  8. We r talking about shoulder elastic here aren't we? Thanks for the reply btw;) Regards T A Z
  9. Wow! Mad skills! T A Z
  10. How wide should the elastic be? Could someone post a top down pic of their elastic straps? I've yet to see a decent pic lol it could be just that my deftness with the search function sucks lol Appreciated T A Z
  11. TazVader

    G'day everyone I'm from Tasmania!

    OK. I arrived home from school this evening to find a few packages. So I got my pauldron and some odds and sods from TB. I'll post a pic when I have had some sleep lol For the moment I am waiting on another box from trooper bay and some other bits and pieces....Sigh...getting there. OH!!!!! On other good news I managed to snag a cast of an MG-34. So I pay for that Monday and should have it shortly there after. Its a kit but apparently they are moulded off the real deal:) All smiles here. Regards T A Z
  12. David thanks very much for the reply. I'll certainly be trying out a few of those tricks and tactics:) Again very nice build. It's a pleasure to read about it:) Regards T A Z
  13. Wow...that was a clever idea. I have some questions too;) If you have a spare minute anyways bor? 1. What scopes did you use? Were they airsoft? 2. For the smaller diameter drainpipe in the centre of each mag drum how did you attach it to the middle of the abs back plates? 3. Did you use a specific template for anything or just eyeball it? finally what did u use for your rust effect? It looks awesome!!!!!!! Regards T A Z
  14. Pm inbound matey and thanks:) Regards T A Z
  15. TazVader

    TD369 Pack Build

    Loving your build mate. The strap setup looks especially comfy! Well done Regards T A Z